With many fibreglass roof materials on the market today, it is often hard to get a real understanding of what is the best fibreglass roof price. 

At FibreGlassDirect, we're here to make that job easier. We supply a full range of fibreglass roof materials including fibreglass roof resins, topcoats and trims throughout the UK and Ireland. 

We have partnerships with leading fibreglass manufacturers which ensure we bring roof materials to the market at a fair price without ever compromising on quality. 

Our many satisfied clients over the last 20 years are a testament to this.

Calculating your Fibreglass Roof Price

We introduced a new fibreglass roof price tool called Flat Out to help customers calculate their roof price easily. 

Flat Out offers a comprehensive platform to allow our customers to get their roof area, their preferred roof kit, add the fibreglass roof trims they need and checkout.

All materials quoted for in the Flat Out calculator are our premium materials. Premium kits include a flexible roofing resin for helping fibreglass roofs to contract and expand. The premium roof kits also have a fire retardant roofing topcoat. If you require a standard roofing kit with Lloyd's approved resin and standard roof topcoat, these are available in our standard roof kits. These are available through our product catalogue. 

If you are not ready to purchase when you make your fibreglass roof price calculations, there is an option to have the quote delivered to your inbox. The quote can be retrieved at a later stage when you are ready to purchase. 

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Unsure How to Calculate you Fibreglass Roof Price?

Check the Area of your Roof

The first step in calculating your fibreglass roof price is to get the area of your roof.

To calculate the area, simply multiply the length of your roof by the width. 

The Flat Out tool will automatically calculate this for you if required. If you already know the roof area, enter the area in the last roof area box as shown. 

When this stage is complete, proceed to the next step.

Calculating your Fibreglass Roof Area

Select your Foot Traffic

FibreGlassDirect customers often ask what is the difference between a fibreglass roof kit with 450g matting and 600g matting? The answer is, not a lot! In terms of materials, the components are the same. If your roof will be regularly accessed for activities such as window cleaning, then you will need to choose the 600g option. Fibreglass roof kits with 600g matting will require more resin. As the material is thicker, it requires more resin to wet through. 

We supply resin at 1.5kg per square metre for 450g roof kits and 2kg per square metre for 600g roof kits. This generous supply of resin ensures that there is enough resin to allow for soakage into roofing boards. This is particularly important for new roof lays. 

The amount of topcoat supplied will be the same for both. We supply topcoat at a rate of 600g or 0.6kg per square metre. 

Calculating foot traffic for a fibreglass roof


Choosing Fibreglass Roof Trims

Another important factor in calculating the fibreglass roof price is the roofing trims. Fibreglass roof trims vary from roof to roof. For this reason, trims are not included as standard in our roofing kits but are available to calculate on Flat Out.

During the Flat Out calculation process, you will see the complete range of roof trims on offer at FibreGlassDirect. The first section relates to regular lengths of trims and the following section relates to corner trims. There is also an information tab which helps get a better understanding of where each trim is fitted.

Fibreglass Roof Price for Trims


Fibreglass Roof Corner Trim Selection


Get your Final Fibreglass Roof Price

The final stage of the Flat Out Calculator is to review the criteria selected.

Your roof area selected in the first section of the Flat Out tool will be matched to our closest kit size. 

At this stage of the price calculation, it is also possible to add tools to your kit. Any changes to the criteria selected can be easily amended.

Fibreglass Roof Price Review

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