Polyester Resins are a critical component of most fibreglass repairs.

Polyester resins are generally unsaturated, thermosetting resins that require an accelerant to provide a reaction that causes which will to cure or harden the resin. The accelerant comes in the form of a catalyst which is mixed into the resin in small amounts.

The catalysed resin is then applied to the Glass Fibre material. Once the resin cures it will become rigid, giving the glass fibre material its strength.

Most Polyester Resins are quite pale in colour, viscous and made from a combination of styrene and polyester. Styrene is added to reduce the viscosity of the resin and aids the resin during the curing stage. They are mostly easy to handle (always wear gloves and personal protection), chemical resistant and cost effective in comparison to other resins such as Epoxy.

Polyester Resins are used in a wide variety of industries including; Marine, Construction, Water Storage and Flat Roofing. The performance of the Polyester Resin can be modified with additives that will give UV Stability and increased flexibility for example.

Types of Polyester Resin

We have listed some of the Polyester Resins which are available from FibreGlassDirect.

All of the resins supplied at FibreGlassDirect are sold complete with catalyst. All of the resins mentioned with the exception of Clear Casting are mixed with 2% Catalyst. Clear Casting Resin is mixed with 1% Catalyst.

Low Cost General Purpose

Our Low Cost General Purpose Resin is our most cost effective range. Its re-blended consistency gives it a green/brown tinge. It is a great DIY resin for multipurpose non-critical repairs including downpipe / drainage repair.

Lloyds Approved

This resin has passed testing and quality checks by Lloyds to be approved on its register. It is approved for use in constructions under the Lloyds Register Survey. We provide this best-selling resin for all kinds of fibreglass projects including Potable Water Storage Tank construction and Fibreglass Pond Lining.

Flexible Roofing Resin

The Flexible Roofing Resin is a Polyester Resin with extra flexible properties. It is perfect for Fibreglass Roofing projects as it aids flexibility with regards to thermal contractions and expansions.  It will also aid movement in roof alignment due to settling. We provide this resin in our Premium Roofing Kits.

Clear Casting

As the name suggests, this resin is clear when applied and clear once cured. It works well for arts and crafts as well as encapsulations. Only 1% catalyst addition is required as this resin has a slower cure time. Too much catalyst will also tint the resin with a yellow colour.

Isophthalic Resin

This is used where increased resistance to heat and chemicals are required. This resin is very popular in the marine industry. We also provide this resin in our Boat Repair Kits as standard.

Xtreme Surfboard Resin

Our Xtreme Surfboard resin is highly transparent and UV stable. This is necessary for a product that will spend most of its life outside! It also has great sanding properties and a quick cure time. We provide this resin as part of our Surfboard Repair Kit.