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FibreGlassDirect supplies a variety of black carbon fibre and white GRP fibreglass rods.

Fibreglass rods

Fibreglass rods are a strong, stiff, lightweight and durable product that contains a high volume fraction of unidirectional fibreglass in a polyester resin matrix. The properties  of Fibreglass rods that are of particular interest are;

Corrosion resistant, low thermal expansion, smooth surface, non-conductive to heat and electric, non-magnetic,impervious to bacterial growth and UV resistant.

These properties make fibreglass rods ideal for uses in many applications including  model making,sports and leisure, agriculture, sailing, concrete reinforcement and  transport.

Carbon fibre rods

Carbon fibre rods are pultruded with a high volume fraction of unidirectional carbon fibre in a vinyl ester matrix producing a stiff, low density item that is used in a wide variety of applications.

Carbon Fibre rod is used extensively in radio controlled model making , where they are used to stiffen up wings and fuselage of model aircraft or for the chassis of model cars.



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