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Clear Casting Resin FAQ

Clear Casting Resin

Some of the answers to our best-selling Water Clear Casting Resin. Curing times, pours and characteristics. 

There is a simple formula for calculating the volume for resin required. Simply multiply length (metres) x width (metres) x depth (millimetres). 

In this case - 1.5 metres x 1.5 metres x 5mm = 11.25kg of resin. This method will work for epoxy and polyester calculations.

For river resin tables we would recommend our clear cast epoxy resin as this will be more durable and will have less shrinkage than the polyester version.

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Yes, the Clear Epoxy Resin can stick or adhere to glass.
We would recommend a clear epoxy resin for this purpose as the epoxy has less shrinkage than the polyester version.
Yes, this Resin may be used for casting penneys onto a table. If using a glass table, great care should be taken with regards to the heat which is generated during the curing process to avoid any cracks in the glass. We recommend several pours, ensuring the previous pour is cool to the touch before adding the next pour. The resin will cure tacky, so once cured the top layer will need to be sanded back and compound paste used for shine. A clear lacquer may also be used to prevent scuffs and scratches. We have made a video detailing the process and it is available to watch on our... Read more

No, unfortunately, this resin would not have enough scuff or scratch resistance to be used on a floor. 

Yes, this resin is suitable for use with a silicone mould. If there is a lot of detail in the mould, you could use a CIL release spray if required before pouring the resin into the mould.

The Clear Casting Resin will not cure in a uniformed fashion. It will be tacky to the touch with ripples. To remove the tackiness of the cured Clear Casting Resin, you must sand back the top layer starting with a 240 grit sandpaper, working up through 400 to 600 until all bumps or ripples have been removed and the area is totally smooth. To get a shine, use a Farecla Compounding Paste.

Yes, the Water Clear Casting Polyester Resin may be used for making Canvas Micarta (knife handle). Once the resin has adequately cured it can be shaped as required. 

Yes, the Polyester Clear Casting odour has a strong, solvent odour. Therefore, this resin is best used in a well, ventilated area. 

We recommend that up to 10mm of Clear Resin should be poured at any one time before pouring the next layer. If doing multiple pours of clear casting resin, great care should be taken in regards to the heat that is generated with each pour. Before each pour, it is best to ensure the first pour has cooled (and is cool to the touch) before adding the next batch of resin.