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I have a crack in my GRP Roofing Trim – how do I fix it?

  • Sand an area of about 50mm around the crack using rough grit sandpaper to create a key. Clean down with acetone.
  • Cut a piece of 450g chopped strand mat the same size as the area sanded. Cut a second piece of 450g chopped strand mat slightly smaller.
  • Mix resin and catalyst. Brush on the resin to the area and apply the larger piece of glass. Applied more resin until the glass is fully wetted out. Apply the second layer of glass and wet out with resin using a brush. Allow the resin to cure.
  • Once cured give the area a light sanding to remove any glass sticking up.
  • Mix topcoat with catalyst and apply to the area with a brush.
Published in: Roofing Trims