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"Fiberglass Repair: Polyester or Epoxy" by David and Zora Aiken

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Paperback: 102 pages Author: David and Zora Aiken Publisher: Cornell Maritime Press Inc.,U.S.; 2nd edition (Jan 2010)
Fiberglass Repair 2nd Edition is filled with easily accessed information, all aimed at giving a determined boat owner the necessary skills and the confidence to tackle typical Fibreglass repairs, using either polyester of epoxy resin.

Just as with any new procedure, the first time worker in Fibreglass should start with a small project in order to get a feel for the material and the tools used. Once a person is familiar with Fibreglass materials it will become apparent how many things other than boats can be repaired with this material ----cars, recreational vehicles, architectural trim, plaster and concrete repairs, furniture, picture frames—the list is almost endless.
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