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FibreGlassDirect for all of your Fiberglass Needs

Fiberglass is becoming a material of choice for the needs of many industries across the UK. These industries range from construction (in particular fiberglass roofing), DIY, Marine, Aviation to Automotive. Its durability, design flexibility and ease of availability have fuelled its growth in the marketplace.

FibreGlassDirect has supplied fiberglass materials online since 2009 as well as offline since 1994 at our trade counter in Newry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. During this time, we have remained focused on delivering the best fiberglass supplies in the market. We have developed a close relationship with our customers who rely on us for technical advice and great products at competitive prices. Those who are familiar with our company will also know that as part of the Tricel group we have over 60 years’ experience within the fiberglass industry.

We deliver fiberglass supplies throughout the UK and Ireland by a network of specialised couriers and freight companies. Customers may also collect their orders at our depots in Newry, Co.Down, Northern Ireland or in Southport, Merseyside.

Below is a small sample of our product offerings.

Fiberglass Product Ranges

Fiberglass Roofing Supplies

FibreGlassDirect has your fiberglass needs for roofing covered. Fiberglass roofing is suitable for many roofing applications but has found its place firmly in the flat roofing sector. Fiberglass roofing is used for both domestic and commercial properties.

We offer complete fiberglass roofing kits which include Roofing Resin, Chopped Strand Matting, Roofing Topcoat and Tools. Other items are available such as GRP Roofing Trims, Large Tools Kits and individual Topcoats and Resins.

Pond Lining Materials

If you are looking to line a concrete pond with fiberglass or make a repair to an existing fiberglass pond, FibreGlassDirect offers a range of solutions.

We stock a range of pond lining kits up to 60 square metres (or larger on request) that comprise of 2 layers of chopped strand matting, Lloyd’s approved resin, surface tissue, tools and a choice of 6 finishing topcoats.


FibreGlassDirect supply a comprehensive selection of Polyester Resins including Lloyd’s Approved & Roofing Resin as mentioned previously as well as specialist resins with increased chemical and heat resistance. We also supply an excellent Water Clear Casting Resin suitable for Arts and Craft, decorative fibreglass pieces.

For higher end repairs and fibreglass builds we also offer a selection of Epoxy and Vinylester resins.


All fibreglass projects will require some kind of reinforcement that the resin can be applied to. FibreGlassDirect supply a variety of Chopped Strand Matting (300g, 450g, 600g & 900g), Woven Glass FabricsSurface Tissue and Tapes (Glass, Kevlar and Carbon).

Other Fiberglass Supplies

For all of your fiberglass needs make sure to check out our full product portfolio for everything mentioned and much more!

We would be happy to assist with any fiberglass project queries you may have and arrange any special order requirements. Start shopping with us today!