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Freefix Bonding Adhesive Paste & Catalyst

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Polyester bonding pastes are used for the bonding and assembly of Fibreglass mouldings. The bonding paste is pre-accelerated and requires the addition of 2% BPO paste as a catalyst (supplied). The pastes can also be used as a gap filler to reduce air voids in laminates. For further application instructions, please see the description below.

DSM Freefix 6470 Bonding Paste: for use with composites and also within other fields. A superior grade paste catalysed with BPO paste and incorporating a colour change mechanism on initiation.

This is the faster setting version of Freefix and a popular seller as a general purpose bonding paste. Applied to prepared laminates and allowed to cure this product has amazing strength and is often the only product responsible for a yacht or boat for holding on the deck. That's how strong Freefix actually is.

Use for filleting, gap filling and bonding GRP structures where firm consistency and controllable pot life are desirable. Bonds well to GRP, Wood, Foam, Steel, Brick, Concrete, and many other materials.


1. Surfaces to be bonded together should be free from oil, grease or other contaminants, they should be also dry and dust free. In the case of GRP, to obtain maximum adhesion, surfaces should be abraded and cleaned with acetone prior to bonding, particularly if the GRP is 100% cured, resin rich, or based upon waxed resins.

2. Freefix 6470 should be mixed thoroughly with the appropriate catalyst by hand on a clean dry palette, using a flat bladed implement such as a wallpaper scraper. Apply to the affected area with a scraper or a special toothed adhesive trowel.

3. Working life: Freefix 6470-W-1 is designed for use with either benzoyl peroxide, Cyclohexanone peroxide, or Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide catalyst, depending on the gel time required. For a gel time in the range of 5 – 10 minutes, 2 – 4% by weight of benzoyl peroxide should be used. For a gel time in the range of 15 – 30 minutes, 1 – 4% by weight of Cyclohexanone peroxide paste should be used, and on a gel time of 30 – 45 minutes 1 – 3% by weight of Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide should be used. The onset of cure is indicated by a gradual change in colour from purple to green.

Benzoyl peroxide paste is supplied in this pack.

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