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Freefix Bonding Adhesive Paste & Catalyst

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Polyester bonding pastes are used for the bonding and assembly of Fibreglass mouldings. The bonding paste is pre-accelerated and requires the addition of 2% BPO paste as a catalyst (supplied). The pastes can also be used as a gap filler to reduce air voids in laminates.

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Freefix polyester bonding paste is a smooth paste specifically formulated for secondary bonding of GRP / Fibreglass components, fixing of inserts into laminates and bonding wood to Fiberglass structures. 

Freefix bonding paste shows a low level of shrinkage and incorporates a colour change additive which changes from purple to green as curing/setting starts. The catalyst/hardener used is Benzoyl Peroxide paste (BPO) and at 2% addition the working time is 7-10 mins. Typical measurement of Freefix paste to BPO catalyst is a golf ball to a pea and then mix thoroughly.

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