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Resin Bond Driveway Kit 17.5kg (Scattercoat System)

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The FibreGlassDirect 17.5kg kit is a resin bonded surfacing system.

It is perfect for refurbishment and enhancing of driveways or pathways. It involves applying resin binder to a base surface, such as asphalt or concrete. You then scatter spread a layer of selected dried natural aggregate over the wet resin.

This method of applying resin bonded paving means that the finished surface has a somewhat rugous texture as the individual stone particles stand proud of the resin binder. The system has the appearance of a loose gravel but the aggregate is anchored by the resin.

The 17.5kg kit is enough to do 12-15m2 of the scatter/bonded stone. This will depend on the conditions of the surface. As a rule of thumb 200kg of dried aggregate is required to do a 12m2 area.

It is advisable to seek fitting instructions before application

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This depends on the temperature of your working conditions and how much catalyst has been incorporated into the mix. Warmer temperatures will reduce your curing time and colder temperatures will increase the length of cure.  Likewise, adding extra catalyst will speed up the curing process - often necessary for colder temperatures and reducing catalyst will reduce curing - again often necessary during warmer temperatures. We would recommend mixing no more than 1.5 - 2kg at a time. Once the resin and catalyst are mixed, the curing process will begin and you are working against the clock to get the resin applied - usually no more than 20 minutes. Only mix as much as you need.  Epoxy Resin is mixed on a ratio basis and should not be altered. Room temperature is the ideal scenario for curing. Each resin type will differ so we would always recommend referring to the MSDS and TDS available on each product listing before use.  Although some resins may be hard to the touch after 24 hours, some may not be fully cured for up to 3 days. Again, this information will be available on the product Technical Data Sheet... Read more