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  1. Xtreme Surfboard Resin & Catalyst
    As low as £35.28 £29.40

    A  high performance resin from Cray Valley for the manufacture and repair of surfboards. It's product features are-

    - Highly transparent 
    - UV stable 
    - Low viscosity 
    - Low styrene content 
    - High mechanical properties 
    - Good sanding properties 
    - Quick gel and cure time

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  2. Lloyd's Approved General Purpose Resin
    As low as £8.40 £7.00

    Lloyds Approved Resin suitable for marine use, boat repair and maintenance. This resin is also WRAS Approved. 2% Catalyst is supplied with this Resin.

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  3. Low Cost General Purpose Resin
    As low as £19.68 £16.40

    Synolite 1066-P-1 is a non-Lloyds approved general purpose pre-accelerated orthophthalic polyester resin designed for non-critical applications. It is not for use in marine, food or potable water applications. It is a non-standard resin with no specified chemical resistance. The resin rapidly wets out glass mat and can be used in hand lay-up and spray manufacturing.

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  4. Isophthalic Resin & Catalyst
    As low as £11.94 £9.95

    Pre-accelerated, thixotropic isophthalic polyester resin to be used in applications where increased resistance to heat and chemicals is required. 

    For increased resistance to osmosis, it can be used in the first layer of the laminate in boat hulls below the waterline. Used with 2 layers of tissue to induce a resin rich surface it can provide a resistant lining to re-furbish metal tanks.

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  5. Flex Roofing Resin & Catalyst
    As low as £10.20 £8.50

    Polyester resin incorporating flexible additives to provide a low styrene emission, fast wet out roofing resin. This resin is able to withstand thermal expansions, contractions & cures quickly to give a strong, durable Fiberglass flat roof.

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  6. Lloyd's Approved Resin & Glass Kit
    As low as £31.74 £26.45

    These fibreglass resin and glass kits are the perfect basics for any fibreglass/grp repair. Included in this kit is our best selling Lloyds Approved Polyester Resin which can be used for automotive, marine or general DIY repairs and our standard 450g Chopped Strand Mat.

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  7. Epoxy Clear Cast Resin
    As low as £34.20 £28.50
  8. Art Epoxy Resin
    As low as £36.00 £30.00
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FibreGlassDirect supply a range of resins which include Polyester, Epoxy and Vinylester. All resins have their own strengths and are suitable for a variety of fibreglass projects. Click on each type below to find out more.