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Roofing Supplies

Undertaking a fibreglass roof installation or repair requires a various number of roofing supplies and tools. As well as offering all such materials independently, FibreGlassDirect also supply complete fibreglass roofing kits.

By purchasing a full fibreglass roofing kit the process is made easier. The following article will examine materials included in a roofing kit, and focus on what the purpose of that material is.

Fibreglass roofing kit

Fibreglass supply kits come in various forms depending on their use, these include Pond kits, Universal Fibreglass Kits, Boat Repair Kits and many more. The following is a breakdown of some items included within the roofing supply kit. Some kits may vary in content depending on the end application.

Roofing resin

FibreGlassDirect supply a Polyester resin which incorporates a flexible additive which allows it to withstand thermal contraction and expansion. The roofing resin element of our roofing supply kit ensures a strong, durable and lasting fibreglass flat roof.

We supply a range of resin types to suit all consumer needs and project type. These include a clear casting resin, general purpose resin, surfboard resin as well as roofing resin etc.


There is a range of topcoat available depending on the needs of each consumer project. All our topcoat is high-quality, water-resistant, hard-wearing and UV protected.

They are available in either standard topcoat or non-slip topcoat, the use of each is dependent on requirements.

  • The standard topcoat option is available in a range of colours including Black, white, dove grey, bright blue, olive and clear.
  • The non-slip topcoat is available in both white and clear colouring


Roofing supply kits also include catalyst. It is this which causes the resin to harden or cure by mixing a small amount of the catalyst thoroughly through the fibreglass. Once done, a chemical reaction begins.

It is important to apply the resin within the specified time frame as the fibreglass will begin to harden and become less pliable in time following mixing. However, the process allows for ample time for the mixed product’s application.

Plastic bucket & mixing stick

It is important to have both a mixing bucket (sometimes multiple, depending on the scale of the job) and a mixing stick at hand during this process. These are a requirement for different elements of the job, including mixing the topcoat paint and hardener, and are essential roofing supplies.


Various rollers are employed during the fibreglass flat roofing process. Each one designed for a specific role to ensure a quality and weatherproof finish.

  • Bristle rollers for removing trapped air from fabrics and lightweight mats. The helical coil design of the bristles makes them easy to clean.
  • Corner rollers are perfect for pressing glass fibre and resins into the corners of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) laminates.
  • Paddle rollers, these are effective for the complete wet-out of large surface areas of the glass fibre chopped strand mat. They are also for the removal of trapped air. Made from Aluminium, they are extremely lightweight.
  • Ribbed rollers (also known as radial/fin rollers) are used for wet-out and consolidation reinforcements such as chopped strand mat. These are very effective for detail work and tight angles.

Buy GRP roofing supplies

FibreGlassDirect are one of the largest suppliers of fibreglass/ GRP roofing kits in both the UK and Ireland. With over 40 years of industry experience, our experts have all the answers you need.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries, as we will be happy to help.