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Roofing Supplies Leeds

FibreGlassDirect is a leading supplier of fibreglass roofing to both Leeds and the surrounding areas. We supply to areas such as Bradford, Wakefield, Calderdale and Kirklees, and much more of the West Yorkshire area. No matter if you are a skilled professional, or even a DIY enthusiast, we have a range of products and kits to suit all your roofing needs.

We specialise in the supply of all the individual products required for fibreglass roofing or fibreglass roofing repairs which you can purchase as needed, as well as full roofing kits. You can order these according to the size of the roofing job being undertaken and contain all the necessity’s required.

Roofing Kits

We supply two distinct ranges of fully equipped roofing kits. These are our range of low-cost fibreglass roofing kits and our popular premium fibreglass roofing kits.

These kits contain everything you need to complete a strong, durable and highly efficient fibreglass roof.

What is in a fibreglass roofing kit?


There is a choice of two main resins in the roofing kit, and this is dependent upon the type of kit which you choose to purchase. The range of low-cost roofing kits comes with the Lloyd’s approved resin, an excellent standard polyester resin and acts as an exceptional DIY resin.

The high performance premium fibreglass roofing kit comes with Flex roofing resin. This is another high performance polyester resin; however, this resin contains additional flexible additives. It is this that allows for the roof to contract and expand along with the excessive changes in seasonal weather changes.


Again we have two options of roofing topcoat which depend on the type of kit chosen. The low-cost roofing kits come with a standard topcoat which is available in both dark and light grey colouring for the finish.

The premium fibreglass roofing kits come with a high-performance fire retardant roofing topcoat. FibreGlassDirect recommend this type of topcoat for all forms of domestic roof builds. This product is available in an attractive dark grey pigment.

Fibreglass matting

All roofing kits come with 450g of chopped strand matting (CSM). This material is suitable for nearly all fibreglass roofing projects. However, in instances such as where the product is for creating a walkway it will be necessary to upgrade the matting to 600g or 900g.

Flat roofing tools

Most of our fibreglass flat roofing kits come supplied with all necessary tools. However, the larger kits are also available without tools. This is dependent on preference.

Individual fibreglass roofing products

FibreGlassDirect also supply all individual products necessary for fibreglass flat roof builds, repair or DIY work. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Why choose FibreGlassDirect for Roofing Supplies in Leeds?

FibreGlassDirect offer an efficient and dependable delivery service to anywhere in Leeds and the surrounding areas. Orders placed before 12pm get sent for delivery the very next working day.

If you require any further information regarding products or have questions relating to a build which you are undertaking, please don’t hesitate to contact us.