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TriCast 80 Medium Cure Epoxy Clear Casting Resin

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Features of TriCast Epoxy Resin

  • Low viscous
  • Transparent / Water Clear
  • Good light stability
  • Self-leveling
  • Easily pigmentable

Typical Applications

  • River Resin Tables
  • Bar Tops
  • Potting
  • Art & Decorative Castings

Product Information

TriCast Medium Cure Epoxy Casting Resin is an advanced Epoxy system that creates durable and UV stable projects.

TriCast Medium is ideal for castings with layers up to 80mm. If you require Casting Resin for thin pours, we would recommend using the TriCast Fast Cure

Part B of this Resin has a bluish tint but cures crystal clear. Part A is translucent. 

Mixing Properties

The mixing ratio by weight for the TriCast 80 Med Cure is 100 (Part A) to 40 (Part B).

    TriCast (Part A) TriCast Medium (Part B)
Colour   Translucent Bluish
Mixing Ratio p.b.w 100 40
Density (20 °C) g/cm3 1.1 0.95
Viscosity (20 °C) mPa·s 800 180

For more information, please refer to our Technical Data Sheet in the Product Attachments tab.

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