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1.29kg Epoxy Resin & Hardener

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This Epoxy Resin has been specially formulated for building marine composites: bonding, laminating and wood protection. It has an excellent adhesion to all type of wood. It has a low viscosity and is crystallisation free. It is excellent for bonding reinforcement materials such as Glass or Carbon onto wood.

Kit Contains:

- 1kg Resin

- 0.29kg Hardener

Epoxy resin laminates are stronger, stiffer and tougher than an equivalent laminate produced in polyester resin. In addition, higher specification fabrics, such as carbon fibre and Kevlar combine with Epoxy to give high strength to weight structures.

The adhesion of this Epoxy resin to wood, metal and polyester is excellent and it is used as a glue and gap filling adhesive is recommended. Water cannot penetrate through Epoxy and so it is excellent for sheathing wooden boats and canoes with a lightweight fabric, drying to a clear finish.

Sicomin SR5550 Epoxy and SR5505 Hardener are combined at a ratio of 100/29 by weight or 3/1 by volume.This low viscosity mixture with a light amber colour has a working time at 20C of 25 mins, is dry to touch after 2.5 hours and is fully cured after 7 days.

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This depends on the temperature of your working conditions and how much catalyst has been incorporated into the mix. Warmer temperatures will reduce your curing time and colder temperatures will increase the length of cure.  Likewise, adding extra catalyst will speed up the curing process - often necessary for colder temperatures and reducing catalyst will reduce curing - again often necessary during warmer temperatures. We would recommend mixing no more than 1.5 - 2kg at a time. Once the resin and catalyst are mixed, the curing process will begin and you are working against the clock to get the resin applied - usually no more than 20 minutes. Only mix as much as you need.  Epoxy Resin is mixed on a ratio basis and should not be altered. Room temperature is the ideal scenario for curing. Each resin type will differ so we would always recommend referring to the MSDS and TDS available on each product listing before use.  Although some resins may be hard to the touch after 24 hours, some may not be fully cured for up to 3 days. Again, this information will be available on the product Technical Data Sheet... Read more
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