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Fibreglass Shower / Wet Room Kit

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Fibreglass Kit suitable for tanking application in Showers or Wet Rooms. The Tanking Kit may be applied to Plywood, OSB or Cementitious Board. If applying directly to concrete, a G4 Sealer will also be required. This is not included in the Tanking Kit but is also available to purchase from FibreGlassDirect.

Included in each kit you will find;

Flexible Polyester Resin

Formulated to help the substrate withstand contractions and expansions due to heat that may be caused in the shower or wet room. This will help to eliminate any lifting or cracks below the aesthetic covering e.g. tiled surface.

Chopped Strand Matting

The standard in reinforcement for fibreglass. This matting will provide the backbone to the waterproofing once the resin is applied.

Glass Fibre Tape


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