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TriKlean, Non-Hazardous Acetone Replacement

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TriKlean is a non-hazardous, Acetone replacement. It is a powerful solvent cleaner. TriKlean works well on all Resin systems as a cleaner and de-greaser.

It is 100% Biodegradable and worker safe. It is also non-flammable which makes it much safer than traditional Acetone.

As TriKlean is so powerful (up to 10 times more so than Acetone), less is needed to achieve more. TriKlean can outlast 10-15 drums of solvent if used correctly and it is self-recycling.


  • Continuous duty cleaner for lamination
  • Cleans rollers, brushes, squeegees, tools, parts etc.
  • Flushing Chopper Guns
  • Cleaning out equipment 
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