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Mixing, Moulding & Application Tools

Mixing, Moulding & Application Tools

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  1. 12.6 Litre Graduated Mixing Bucket
    £5.40 £4.50
    12.6Ltr Graduated Mixing Bucket with internal and external litre markings to assist in measuring. Learn More
  2. Laminating Brush (with Plastic Handle)
    As low as £0.86 £0.72

    Laminating brushes for applying Resin, Topcoat and Gelcoat. Each size brush is available to buy singularly or as a pack of 12. The brushes are supplied with a plastic handle and can be cleaned with Acetone after use to be reused if required. 

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  3. Plastic Mixing Bucket
    As low as £0.94 £0.78
  4. Catalyst Dispenser
    As low as £10.51 £8.76

    We offer a choice of two different sized catalyst dispensers, 15ml and 80ml. In the case of both, the catalyst is released by squeezing the bottle gently. This allows the catalyst to flow into the engraved output chamber. 

    The 15ml catalyst dispenser holds 500ml and will dispense between 1-15ml of catalyst.

    The 80ml version holds 1000ml and will dispense between 10-80ml of catalyst. 

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  5. Wooden mixing sticks (Pack of 100)
    £4.82 £4.02
    150mm long wooden tongue depressor. Ideal for mixing catalyst or pigment into small mixes Learn More
  6. 32 oz Paper Mixing cup
    £0.36 £0.30
    32oz paper mixing cup suitable for mixing resins, topcoats, gelcoats and other fibreglass materials. This cup is also suitable for use with our G100-6 Pot Spray Gun. Learn More
  7. Plastic Stirrers
    As low as £3.24 £2.70
  8. Waterproof Wet & Dry Abrasive Sheets
    As low as £0.65 £0.54

    Abrasives suitable for manual sanding applications to smooth surfaces prior to application of polishing compounds. Our Wet & Dry Sandpaper combines excellent sanding performance with flexibility to access all shapes and contours and good tear resistance. Suitable for wet sanding. Start with a coarse grade (180) and finish with a high grade (1000). The higher the grit number the finer the finish achieved.

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  9. G100-6 Spray Pot Gun
    £237.60 £198.00
    The FibreGlassDirect pot spray gun is a professional grade tooling system.

    It can be used to spray a number of materials including;

    • Gelcoats and resins
    • Gypsum
    • Tooling gelcoats
    • Sandable primers
    • Granite enhanced gelcoats
    • Adhesives
    • Paints

    The FibreGlassDirect spray gun will always spray even which will reduce working time and give clean up times of less than five minutes.

    After use, thoroughly clean the lid, nozzle and cup with solvent, replace the paper cup and the spray gun is ready to be used again. The FibreGlassDirect spray gun is suitable to work with standard 32oz paper cups. Two cups are supplied with the gun but more are available to order from our store. Learn More
  10. Flexible / Ridged Wedge
    As low as £3.74 £3.12
  11. Flexible Steel Filling Knife Set
    £2.95 £2.46
    Set of four flexible steel filling knives that are ideal for the application of body filler or bonding paste. Four widths: 5, 8, 10 and 12cm. All with a plastic handle along the top edge. Learn More
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Mixing, Moulding and Application tools to help prepare and complete your fibreglass project. From fibreglass application equipment such as the G100 Pot Spray Gun to everyday items such as Wet & Dry Abrasive Sheets, FibreGlassDirect has got you covered!