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Art Epoxy Resin

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Our Art Resin is an optically Clear Epoxy Resin which is perfect for sealing and protecting artwork, paintings and sculptures.

The resin may be tinted as desired with a suitable pigment.


  • Non-flammable
  • No odour
  • User friendly - easy to mix and apply

Application details:

The mixing ratio is 1:1 and must be strictly adhered to. The ratio cannot be altered. The mixture should be stirred for 3-4 minutes before application. We would recommend only mixing as much as is needed as the resin will heat quickly, affecting the pot life of the resin.

The Art Resin can be applied by hand pouring or with a brush/roller. Ensure your piece is completely level to avoid 'pooling'. Any bubbles which may occur during the hand mixing stage, can be popped using a sharp object or by passing warm air over the area with a blow torch or hot air dryer. (If using this method, ensure that the hot air dryer/blow torch is at least 30cm away from the artwork).

To avoid any contamination with the dust during the curing process, ensure the artwork is covered with a dust sheet/box. 

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This depends on the temperature of your working conditions and how much catalyst has been incorporated into the mix. Warmer temperatures will reduce your curing time and colder temperatures will increase the length of cure. 

Likewise, adding extra catalyst will speed up the curing process - often necessary for colder temperatures and reducing catalyst will reduce curing - again often necessary during warmer temperatures.

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Generally speaking, for Polyester Resins, the mixing ratio is 2% i.e. 20ml for every 1kg of Resin in working conditions at room temperature. For the Water Clear Casting Polyester Resin, this drops to 1.5% or 15ml for every... Read more

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