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Glassfibre Surface Tissue EGlass (1 metre wide)

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Glassfibre Surface Tissue is a sheet of randomly orientated textile glass fibre. Surface Tissue is used in applications where a smooth surface is desired.

The Surface Tissue available from FibreGlassDirect is 1 metre in width and sold in a range of different lengths which can be easily cut into workable sizes as required. This reinforcement can also be useful as a barrier between the gel-coated surface and the coarse strands of the matting to prevent print-through. This leaves a much smoother finish which is particularly important in Fibreglass Ponds for example.

Surface Tissue can used for repairing:
- Leaks
- Holes
- Cracks
- Dents

It can be also used in the repair of surfboards, canoes, boats, roofs, skylights, garden ponds, downpipes, gutters, furniture, baths, caravans, car bodies, glass fibre and bumpers.

Fibreglass Surface Tissue is extremely light in weight, weighing in at approximately 30g per square metre.

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