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Release Agents

Release Agents
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  1. CIL Release 1711E 500ml Aerosol Spray Release
    £12.60 £10.50
    CILRelease 1711E is a silicone based aerosol release agent and the industry standard for the release of epoxy and polyester resin mouldings from silicone moulds. For best results, spray lightly and evenly onto the mould surface. Any excess should be wiped Learn More
  2. Honey Wax Mould Release
    £14.64 £12.20
    Honey Wax is a high gloss paste wax for use as a mould release agent. It creates a durable wax surface that remains intact for multiple pulls. Learn More
  3. TR 104 Hi Temp Hard Mould Release Wax
    £17.10 £14.25
    Superior hard release wax formulated from highest quality Carnuba wax blended with organic process aids. Easily buffed to a high gloss finish, TR104 provides a durable and abrasion resistant release interface. Minimal wax built up occurs when moulds are c Learn More
  4. Mirror Glaze M0811
    £16.74 £13.95

    The GRP industries first and most widely used paste mould release wax. Can withstand exotherm of up to 120C. Directions for use are on the tin. It is specially formulated to provide the maximum number of releases. Especially useful on tooling, new molds

    Learn More
  5. Mirror Glaze M8711
    £14.10 £11.75
    High temperature mould release wax combining carnuba wax, synthetic waxes and thermoresins to provide consistent performance in high temp moulding. Directions for use on the tin Learn More
  6. PVA Mat Release 4.5kg
    £33.00 £27.50
    PVA Mat Release is suitable for use if a matt finish is required. For best results this product should be spray applied. This product is also supplied with a blue pigment addition which makes it easier to gauge coverage of a mould surface. Learn More
  7. PVA Gloss Release 4.5kg
    £27.54 £22.95
    Easy to use liquid release agent which is supplied with a blue pigment addition. Blue pigment is supplied to gauge the coverage of a mould surface. For best results we recommend that this product is spray applied but can be applied with a sponge or soft cloth if desired. Learn More
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Release agents are applied to moulds to provide a barrier between the mould surface and the moulded laminate allowing the easy removal of a completed product. Various release agents are available providing different levels of "slip".