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Fibreglass Boat Repair Kit

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The FibreGlassDirect Fibreglass Boat Repair kits are designed for use on a variety of watercraft incorporating higher specification Isophthalic resin to give long term resistance to water ingress and osmosis at ambient and elevated temperatures.

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The FibreGlassDirect Boat Repair Kits provide a comprehensive range of materials to repair and maintain your fibreglass watercraft. The kits can be used to repair leaks, holes, cracks and dents in Boats, Surfboards, Canoes, Jetskis and virtually any other watercraft.

Included in our Boat Repair Kits is Isophthalic Resin, a pre-accelerated resin, which provides excellent resistance to heat and chemicals. Also included is a Metox catalyst, fibreglass mat and a selection of ancillaries to help you complete a professional boat repair.

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