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  1. TriGrip Polyurethane Multipurpose Structural Adhesive 300ml
    £7.80 £6.50
    TriGrip Multipurpose Structural Adhesive is a Polyurethane formulation and is perfect for the application of GRP Roofing Trims. Learn More
  2. Paddle Roller 225 x 21mm
    £8.50 £7.08
    No Description Learn More
  3. Large Fibreglass Roofing Tool Kit
    £112.32 £93.60

    Comprehensive Roofing Tool Kit designed for use with our large Fibreglass Roofing Kits, 80sqm and over.

    • 1 x Latex Disposable Gloves - Box of 100  
    • 6 x Brush - 100mm (4.0") Single  
    • 1 x 6" Push on Roller Handle  
    • 4 x 6" Mohair Refill  
    • 1 x Paddle Roller 70x21mm  
    • 2 x Paddle Roller 140x21mm  
    • 2 x Paddle Roller 225x21mm  
    • 1 x 250mm (10") Push On Roller Handle  
    • 4 x 250mm Blue Stripe Resin Roller Refill  
    • 1 x 5 litre Acetone  
    • 1 x 80 ml Catalyst Dispenser  
    • 1 x 6ft Steel Extension Screw / Push Roller Pole  
    • 2 x 15Ltr Paint Roller Bucket  
    • 3 x Plastic Stirrers  
    • 2 x 5 Litre Topcoat Scuttle  
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  4. 75mm Glass Bandage (70 metre roll)
    £15.60 £13.00

    75mm wide, 450gm Fibreglass mat bandage roll, ideal for the taping of roof board joints and trim joints.

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  5. 6ft Steel Extension Screw / Push Roller Pole
    £5.69 £4.74
    Red PVC coated. Twist lock mechanism. Screw thread, supplied with a push fit adapter for use with all frame types. Learn More
  6. 250mm Mohair Roller Refill
    £3.62 £3.02

    Easy Quick push for installation

    4mm pile height , 100% lambswool refill

    This is designed for application of gelcoat and topcoat

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  7. 250mm Blue Stripe Resin Roller Refill
    £3.10 £2.58

    Easy Qick push fit installation

    Resin and Acetone resistant for long life and easy cleaning

    Deep 18mm Nylon fleece holds more resin than Lambswool equivalent

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  8. 250mm (10") Push On Roller Handle
    £3.02 £2.52
    Heavy Duty Handle formed from 8mm steel bar Smooth bore in handle for use with push on extension pole Simple push fit onto 250mm rollers Learn More
  9. Soudaflex GRP Trim Adhesive
    £9.14 £7.62

    The Soudaflex GRP Trim Adhesive is suitable for sealing Trims around the perimeter of the roof. It is extremely easy to apply, adheres well and is resistant to many chemicals. It should be applied with a skeleton gun.

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A range of tools for the application of Fibreglass roofs for the professional and homeowner alike. All tools can be cleaned with Acetone for multiple uses.