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Clear Resin Projects

Clear Resin Projects are undergoing a renaissance. The growth of these projects has been influenced from platforms such as YouTube where users upload video tutorials on simple to extravagant clear resin pieces. This access to technical information as well as availability of products online and craft shops are driving sales across the UK and Ireland.

All Resin projects require time, effort and getting your hands dirty! However, once the projects have been completed, you will have created something unique which can't be bought in any store. 

Types of Clear Resin

At FibreGlassDirect, we stock two different types of Clear Resin - Polyester and Epoxy. Depending on the nature of your project, it will dictate which resin you will require. We have highlighted some of our customers most popular Clear Resin projects below which will help you determine which resin is right for you. 

Popular Types of Clear Resin Projects

Penny Table

Penny Tables are a unique and quirky way to add something different to your home as well as using up all of your old pennies! This clear resin project can be achieved with a Polyester or an Epoxy Clear Resin. 

We created a Penny Table in FibreGlassDirect using the Polyester Water Clear Casting Resin. This table is ideal for occasional use, if daily use is required from a table like this, we would recommend using the Clear Epoxy Resin. The Epoxy Resin will offer increased resistance to scuffing and scratches.

River Resin Tables

River Resin Tables are a contender for the most popular type of Clear Resin project on the market at the moment. Everyone from DIY enthusiasts to fine furniture craftsmen are trying their hand in creating these unique pieces.

For this particular type of project, we recommend using a Clear Epoxy Resin as there is less shrinkage than the Polyester version. Pigments can be added into the River Resin table to give the water effect a translucent glow.

Costume Jewellery and Decorations 

Creating jewellery is a very popular Clear Resin project and is seen widely across platforms such as Etsy. Resin rings, bangles, necklaces and charms are easily identified with their unique looks. Anything from flowers to glitters are often embedded into the resin using plastic or silicone moulds to set the resin into the desired shape. 

Christmas decorations are a fun and different way to personalise your Christmas tree or bookshelves. We trialled some resin tree decorations for Christmas, covering laminated photographs, glitters and stones with our Polyester Clear Casting Resin. Polyester Clear Resin normally works really well for Decorations and Jewellery. It is also notably more inexpensive when compared to Clear Epoxy Resin. We have detailed the process in the following video. 

Pen Blanks

Similar to creating resin decorations and jewellery, Pen Blanks are a fun and expressive way to funk up your stationary or present as a gift. Polyester Clear Resin is perfect for this application. 

We have a full article on creating pen blanks on our website - check it out

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If you require any further information with your Clear Resin Project, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team who may be able to help.