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Composite Roof

Composite roofs are in high-demand across the UK and Ireland thanks to their ability to shape to any size, resistance to corrosion and ease of application.

Composite roofing has proven itself as a reliable flat roofing system for over 40 years. Continuous advancements in composite technologies ensure that the industry goes from strength to strength.

Building a composite roof

Generally, a composites roof is constructed from Fibreglass (also referred to as GRP). This involves several layers beginning with OSB3 Board as its base which is secured with galvanised nails.

The second phase is to measure the layer of glass which will form the backbone of the roof. This weight of the glass mat is dependent on the nature of foot traffic that the roof will experience. If there will be little foot traffic, 1 layer of 450g is recommended. For moderate foot traffic, 1 layer of 600g and for balconies or walkways – 900g (or two layers of 450g) is advisable.

The Roofing Resin is worked into the matting with a brush and any air bubble removed with a paddle roller. The resin should be applied until the mat becomes transparent.

Once the glass has been chosen, it will be time to apply your roof trims. Does the flat roof abut to an adjoining wall? Do you require a drip trim or fascia trim? All of these trims are equally important for drainage and a neat finish. It is important to work out which trims are needed for your flat roof and how many metres of each are needed. GRP Roof Trims from FibreGlassDirect are available in 1.5 metre or 3 metre lengths. Flat flashing is available in 1 metre lengths.

The weight of glass will determine the amount of resin needed for your composite roof. The easiest way to work this out will be to use our handy materials calculator. Based on the materials recommended, all items can be purchased individually or through one of our all in one composite fibreglass roof kits.

Finally, the Topcoat layer is applied which will cure to a tack-free finish and provide a waterproof barrier. Topcoat can be purchased in a variety of colours but the most popular is grey. In all of our roofing kits (Premium and Standard) a Dark or Light Grey Topcoat is provided. The Dark Grey Topcoat supplied in the Premium Roof Kit is fire retardant.

Longevity of a composite roof

Once all materials have been applied correctly, a composite roof is expected to last in excess of 20 years. As these roofs are corrosion resistant and extremely easy to maintain, they can be washed down with a hose and brush if required.

Where to buy composite roof supplies?

FibreGlassDirect, part of the Tricel Group of companies has over 60 years in the composites industry through manufacturing, design and distribution.

We are one of the largest suppliers of composite materials, roofing is a big part of our product portfolio. We can offer you fast delivery, competitive prices and excellent quality. Visit our roofing section today for more information where you can browse our extensive Roofing Kit, Roof Trims, Resin and Topcoat categories.

If you need further guidance on how to install a composite roof, don’t hesitate to contact our team, visit our FAQ section or our blog posts on composite roofing.