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Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin has undergone a massive surge in popularity in recent years. Epoxy resins are some of the highest performing resins on the market today. The resins offer superior mechanical properties and resistance to environmental conditions.

The durability of epoxy resin makes it a versatile option for many fibreglass projects including boat building, craft projects, varnishes, sealants and casting compounds. Epoxy resins are also used almost exclusively for aircraft components.

Designed to be a thermosetting resin, Epoxy will cure in accordance with surrounding temperatures. It has low shrinkage during cure time which reduces the appearance of fabric print or any internal stresses.

Both types of Epoxy Resin available at FibreGlassDirect are two-part kits. One part is the base and the second part is the hardener. They are mixed together by weight or volume. Mixing ratios may differ so it is important to refer to the manufacturer’s information, usually found on the TDS prior to use.

Epoxy Resins available at FibreGlassDirect

FibreGlassDirect stock two particular types of Epoxy Resins. Sicomin Marine Epoxy Resin and a Clear Epoxy Resin.

Sicomin Epoxy

Sicomin Epoxy is an excellent resin for bonding reinforcement materials such as Glass or Carbon onto wood.

Sicomin Epoxy Resin has been formulated for building marine composites such as bonding, laminating and wood protection. It adheres very well to all types of wood. It will provide excellent UV resistance and a high gloss finish.

This resin also works particularly well for repairing wood defects on timber windows thanks to its durability and UV resistance.

Clear Epoxy Resin

Clear Epoxy Resin is an excellent resin for arts and crafts projects. Its durability is noted for outdoor and indoor projects. It is UV resistant, cures to a high glass and as a result of its hard-wearing properties is suitable for river tables, bar table tops, pen blanks, castings and the extremely popular, penny floors.

The Clear Epoxy Resin can be poured into hard or silicone rubber moulds. 

Epoxy Resin vs Polyester Resin

FibreGlassDirect has written a detailed article on Polyester vs Epoxy Resin on FibreGlassDirect. If you would like to read more please follow our link for more information.

It is important to note that if you are undertaking a resin repair, it is important to understand the materials used in the original substrate. If the original substrate is manufactured from epoxy resin, the same must be used again to repair the area. If the original substrate was manufactured from polyester resin an epoxy or polyester resin may be used to repair the area.

The Epoxy resins can be used with either Aramid, Carbon or a powder bound mat as reinforcement. Emulsion bound mat contains styrene which is dissolved by epoxy resin so this cannot be used as a reinforcement with epoxy.

Generally, a noticeable difference in odour can be detected between Polyester and Epoxy Resin. The odour of the Epoxy Resin is less potent.

Polyester Resins are cured with a catalyst whereas Epoxy Resins are cured with a hardener.

Regardless of the resin chosen, precautionary measures should be taken to ensure the correct PPE is worn including gloves, aprons and goggles.

Further details on the differences between the two types of resins can be found on the FibreGlassDirect website.

Epoxy Resin Project Help

If you require any help in relation to Epoxy Resin projects, please contact the FibreGlassDirect team for further information. The team has many years of expertise in the fibreglass and composites industry. They are happy to advise on any fibreglass project, large or small.

If we can be of help, our team can be contacted via our technical help form.

Alternatively, more information can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions section, How-to Guides, Video Guides and Product Downloads.