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I have a Kayak which I want to skin in glassfiber and resin. Can you tell me what products I need?

There are a couple of different options and finishes that you can opt for when skinning a kayak like this. First of all, you could use a layer of 450g fibreglass matting and Lloyd's approved resin. Once cured you could then apply a standard polyester topcoat. All of these materials are included with our Universal Fibreglass Kit.

If you wanted a smoother look (to avoid the look of the glass fibres coming through), you could apply a layer of surface tissue on top of the resin while it is still wet, prior to the topcoat application. 

Alternatively, you could opt for a couple of layers of the Woven Glass Fibre Cloth instead of the Fibreglass Matting. This can also be used with Lloyd's Approved Resin, followed by Topcoat once cured.