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Fiberglass Uses

Fiberglass which can be referred to as Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is a common material that is used for so many products in our day to day lives. At Tricel, we have manufactured products using fiberglass materials for over 60 years. We have manufactured Cold Water Storage Tanks, Meter Box Cabinets and Waste Water Treatment Systems.

It’s versatility and durability became apparent in the boat building industry in the early 1960’s. In recent times, fiberglass uses have transitioned across a wide variety of industries where product longevity is required.

Primary Fiberglass Uses

Boat Building, Repairs and Maintenance

Boat Building is still one of the core uses for Fiberglass and is the material of choice for those in the trade. It is extremely successful in combatting the harsh conditions of the sea. 

Generally, boats are constructed from fiberglass in one of two ways; by using an inexpensive, female mould and the fibreglass is applied in layers over the mould (for a one-off build) or secondly, pre-making the hull panels and assembling them inside a simple frame mould.

Like any moving part or vessel, fiberglass boats will require some maintenance. This can be seen through mostly small repairs such as cracks, chips or discolouration from general wear and tear.

FibreGlassDirect offer a wide rang of fiberglass boat materials, to see more, please visit our Fibreglass Boat Supplies Section

Flat Roofing

Fiberglass for Flat Roofing is increasing in popularity year on year as a result of improved materials and ease of installation.

Like Boats, Roofing requires a durable material to withstand any element – Hail, Rain or Shine! This is where fiberglass stands out from other traditional flat roof materials such as felt. Once the fiberglass is applied correctly, the roof will last in excess of 20 years with little to no maintenance required.

Fibreglass is applied over wooden boards, such as OSB3 and the layer(s) are applied on top followed by a layer of waterproof topcoat. The topcoat gives the roof its final colour. If you would like more information on installing a Fiberglass Roof, visit our easy to follow instructions.

Pond Building

Gardening is big business in the UK and Ireland. It's no surprise that Garden Ponds are often on the wish list for enthusiasts who wish to make their garden stand out from the rest. One way to achieve this is to line a concrete pond with fiberglass. 

Our materials are perfectly safe to use. We supply Fiberglass Pond Lining Kits which contain a Lloyd's Approved Resin, Topcoat and Matting. Once all materials have been applied, it is best to let the materials settle to allow the styrene evaporate. This usually takes approximately 2 weeks.

The Pond Kits are available in six finishing colours - Bright Blue and Olive Green are the most popular options.

If you would like more information on lining a fiberglass pond please see our Pond Supplies section or why not read our guide on how to install a Fibreglass Pond for detailed instructions.


Fiberglass Moulding is undertaken in order to produce a replica of an existing product. This is a common practice in many industries and is often far more cost effective than replacing with a new product. For more information on creating a mould, please visit the how-to section on our website.

Car & Automotive Bodywork

Using Fiberglass to repair car bodywork, bumpers and wheel arches has been around for a long time. Glass filled putties are often used to fill holes, bridge gaps and rust in older vehicles. Its cost effectivness and ease of application make it a very simple repair to undertake. High end, lightweight materials such as carbon fibre are used for decorative but durable options in race cars.

Need to know more about the uses of Fiberglass?

Visit FibreGlassDirect for more information or contact our highly experienced sales and technical team who are more than willing to assist for your next fiberglass project.

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