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Fibreglass Calculator

Trying to determine the exact Fibreglass Materials that you need can often be a challenge. At FibreGlassDirect, we have designed a fibreglass calculator to make your job a lot easier.

Our Fibreglass Calculator will work out quantities for your pond, flat roof or general DIY project. All calculator results are given to the exact size entered. You may want to allow 10% extra for any waste or overlaps. 

Fibreglass Calculator

Fibreglass Roof Calculator

To work out the measurements of your flat roof, the first piece of information required is the area. To get the total area of the roof, simply multiply the length by the width. This can be worked out as metres or feet but the results will be given in metres.

Once the area has been established, the calculator will need to know if there is any foot traffic on the roof as this determines the weight of glass used. The heavier the weight, the more foot traffic the roof can accommodate.

Once all information has been gathered simply hit 'Calculate' and the total amount of Resin, Glass and Topcoat will be shown.

Fibreglass Calculator

Fibreglass Pond Calculator

The Pond Calculator will require the area in either metres or feet but the calculations are based on metres. 

Firstly, the area type of the pond needs to be defined. For example, you may choose a pond which is rectangular, circular or simply provide an area you would like to work with. You will also need to choose if you require G4 Sealer. G4 is highly recommended for priming concrete before any fibreglass is applied. It acts as a seal for concrete and will provide a better adhesion for the fibreglass laminate. 

Regarding glass quantities, the Pond Calculator estimates quantities on two layers of 450g chopped strand matting. Two layers are supplied for extra reinforcement against the weight of the water in the pond. As well as estimating quantities for Glass, Resin and Topcoat - Surface tissue is also calculated as standard to provide a smoother finishing layer for the fish. 

Fibreglass Pond CalculatorGeneral Fibreglass Calculator

Similar to the previous fibreglass calculators, the General Calculator requires a working area to begin with which can be in metres or feet. 

The weight of glass is chosen. The higher the weight of glass, the more resin you will need to wet it out. Following this, choose the number of layers required.

As this is a non-specific, general calculator - Topcoat, G4, Gelcoat and Surface Tissue are all optional. 

Fibreglas Materials Calculator