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Fibreglass Flat Roofing Kits

FibreGlassDirect Flat Roofing Kits

FibreGlassDirect roof kits provide all fibreglass materials and tools needed to complete a flat roof repair.

Our roof kits are designed to make flat roof repairs affordable and easy to use for professionals and homeowners alike.

Our roofing materials are fire retardant and comply with all building regulations. Our fibreglass roof kits have over 30 years of successful use.

What is included in my GRP Roofing Kit?

Included in our roofing section is Flexible Resin. This helps the roof to withstand thermal expansion/contraction variations, slight movement in roof flexing due to people walking on it and slight movement in roof alignment due to settling.

Fire Resistant Top Coat to BS 76 Part 3. Be safe in the knowledge that your fibreglass flat roof is fire retardent. Extra Heavy Layer of Top Coat. Normal application of Topcoat is 0.5 kg per sq meter.

FibreGlassDirect Kits include 60% more topcoat at 0.8kg per sq meter. This is to achieve better fire resistance.

We also offer a complete range of roof trims, profiles and edging - all at a very competitive price.

When it comes to Fibreglass flat roofing we really are the experts - we are always on hand to offer our expertise. With hundreds of satisfied professional and DIY customers we are the market leader in flat roof supplies.

Shop our Roofing Kits now or visit our Fibreglass flat roofing tips and tutorials page for help on installing your flat roof.

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