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Fibreglass Raw Material Suppliers

Although a niche market, there are plenty of fibreglass raw material suppliers online. At FibreGlassDirect, we are proud to be leading the way for quality raw materials for the fibreglass supplies market in the UK and Ireland.

FibreGlassDirect is part of the Tricel group of companies who have more than 60 years’ experience in the fibreglass and composites industry. Tricel started out in the manufacturing of cold water storage tanks before moving on to manufacturing GRP Meter Boxes and Wastewater Treatment Systems. It’s safe to say we understand quality fibreglass products. Every product we sell is used in our own manufacturing processes.

Fibreglass Raw Material Supplier

Fibreglass Raw Material Supplies


Polyester Resin is a cost-effective type of resin which is adjusted with additives to suit the project required. This range of resins are used for their versatility and strength. Polyester Resin is effective for fibreglass flat roofing, boat building, pond lining, craft projects and much more.

Polyester Resin works successfully in conjunction with a glass material such as chopped strand matting or glass tape. The glass material lays onto the surface to be laminated and the resin is applied with a brush or roller until the glass material is completely saturated. The resin cures until completely hard and tack-free. It is now ready for the application of Topcoat.

If you would like more information on the polyester resins on offer visit our Polyester Resins section.


Polyester Topcoat is applied to the cured laminate by a brush or roller to provide an extra layer of protection and ensure the laminate remains water-tight.

Topcoat is available in a variety of colours to ensure a decorative finish to the fibreglass piece. Standard colours include Black, White, Clear and Grey. For a pond finish Bright Blue or Olive Green are extremely popular. If a non-standard colour is required, a clear topcoat can be used and pigmented to achieve the desired shade or tone of a particular colour.

FibreGlassDirect also stock Topcoats specifically for Roofing and non-slip options for boat decks or walkways.

For more information on Topcoats - visit our product range today.


Polyester Gelcoats is popular in the boat repair industry and for making moulds. Gelcoat is similar to Topcoat and available in a wide range of colours. Rather than curing to a tack-free finish, Gelcoat remains tacky. This is to allow subsequent layers of material to be applied to the surface if required.

If Gelcoat is what you need – check out our Gelcoats available online.

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 Fibreglass Raw Material Supplier