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FibreGlassDirect - Buy Fiberglass Supplies & Materials

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Fibreglass Roof Supplies

Fibreglass Roof Supplies are available to purchase online from FibreGlassDirect. We supply Fibreglass Roof Supplies throughout the UK and Ireland quickly at competitive prices!

Our depots are located in Southport, Merseyside and Newry, Co. Down for click and collect options or home delivery. We aim to dispatch all fibreglass roof supplies within one working day and deliver through our network of reliable carriers.

Extensive Range of Fibreglass Roof Supplies

Fibreglass Roof Kits

Two options of Fibreglass Roof Kits are available from FibreGlassDirect. These options include Premium and Standard. While both kits contain matting and tools, we have highlighted some differences. Premium and Standard Roof Kits are available up to 100 square metres.

Premium Roof Kits include a Fire-Retardant Roof Topcoat, perfect for domestic properties or outhouses that require an extra level of protection. A flexible Resin is also included to aid the roof in thermal contractions and expansions. It will also help the roof to flex against any pressure from foot traffic.

Premium Fibreglass Roof Kits are also available in a 450g or 600g matting option. Heavier matting is important if there is a requirement for the roof to be walked on. If the fibreglass is required for a balcony then two layers of 450g matting applies instead of one layer.

If unsure of the matting weight the roof requires, why not try our fibreglass roof materials calculator? The calculations provide the exact amount of materials needed.

Standard Roof Kits include a Lloyd’s Approved Resin which is an excellent, versatile Polyester Resin. The Standard Roof Kit also includes a standard, dark grey Topcoat which cures tack-free with an excellent finish.

Fibreglass Roof Supplies

Fibreglass Roof Trims

Roof Trims are a necessary addition to the Fibreglass Roof Supplies included in the Roof Kits. Roof Trims aid the drainage of rainwater from the roof, directing the rainwater into the gullies. The Fibreglass Roof Trims are also used against abutting walls and for capping applications.

For more information, visit our guide on fibreglass roofing trims