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Fibreglass Roofing Prices

One of the questions we regularly get asked at FibreGlassDirect is ‘what is the total price to fibreglass my roof?’

Depending on the area alongside the finish you would like to achieve, the cost can vary.

The first step in establishing the cost of your new fibreglass roof is to use our materials quantity calculator. This calculator is a fool proof way (almost!) to determine the materials that you need.  

Before using the calculator, you will need to know what type of chopped strand matting you require. 450g (which we provide in our fibreglass roofing kits) is suitable for most standard roofing applications that will require little to no footfall. 600g matting is required for areas where light footfall is expected. 900g is necessary where heavy footfall is expected, including balconies or walkways.

Once you have an idea of the amount of fibreglass roofing materials you require, you can either purchase one of our fibreglass roofing kits which go up to 100sqm or purchase the items individually if that suits your needs better.

What are the advantages of choosing a fibreglass roofing kit?

Fibreglass roofing kits are ideal as there is no shopping list required! Once you know the size of the roof you want to cover (plus it’s always good to have a little extra for roofing trims) you can check out our range of roofing kits.

FibreGlassDirect offer two types of roofing kits – Premium and Low-Cost. In both types, we offer 450g fibreglass chopped strand matting which as mentioned previously is suitable for standard roofing projects. It is possible to buy the kit and add extra topcoat and resin if needed to suit your project. Refer to the materials calculator if unsure. Both types also offer a range of roofing tools which complement the area required, some kits are also available without tools if not required.

Premium roofing kits offer a flexible roofing resin which allows for a little extra movement in extreme hot or cold temperatures. These kits also contain a fire retardant dark grey roofing topcoat which is extremely important if you are roofing a domestic property or a garage / shed which may contain flammable liquids. This roofing topcoat has a fire rating of EXT.F.AB according to BS476 part 3.

Low-Cost roofing kits are the newest range of fibreglass kits to FibreGlassDirect. They have been developed with a standard roofing topcoat in a dark or light grey finish which is non-fire retardant. 450g matting and a choice of tools are also supplied.

Still confused over fibreglass roofing prices?

If confusion still lingers after reading the above, don’t hesitate to contact FibreGlassDirect. We have decades of experience in the fibreglass industry and are more than happy to help.