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Fibreglass Roofing Superstore

FibreGlassDirect is the leading fibreglass roofing superstore in the UK and Ireland. Our unrivalled expertise in the fibreglass industry has enabled us to source the best roofing products in the market.

To find out what we can offer you, we break down our best-selling products for the fibreglass roofing industry.

Leading Product Ranges

Fibreglass Roofing Kits

Our Fibreglass Roofing Kits are ideal for small, DIY projects or large commercial roofing builds. We offer two types - Premium and Standard.

Both options are available with 450g and 600g matting option. The weight of matting reflects the amount of foot traffic the roof will be catering for. The heavier the matting, the higher the footfall e.g. regular access for window cleaning may require 600g. A balcony would require two layers of 450g matting and a roof with little to no predicted foot traffic would suit one layer of 450g.

All roofing kits are available with and without tools.

Premium Roofing Kit

The premium fibreglass roofing kit available from FibreGlassDirect is supplied with a Flexible Roofing Resin to support flat roofs in periods of roof settlement and alignments as well as periods of contractions and expansion.

The premium kit also comes with a Fire-Retardant Roof Topcoat in Dark Grey. This option is particularly advantageous if you are roofing a domestic property or an adjacent building and would prefer extra protection is required.

Standard Roofing Kit

The standard fibreglass roofing kit is supplied with Lloyd’s approved resin and a standard roofing topcoat, which is supplied in a dark grey finish. The standard roof kit is ideal for sheds, garages and larger structures that do not require a fire-retardant finish.

Fibreglass Roofing Trims

We supply one of the largest ranges of fibreglass roofing trims in the UK and Ireland. Our fibreglass roofing superstore section contains everything you need from drip trims to corners. We also supply trim adhesive to ease the installation of your trims.

Most trims are available in both a 1 metre and 3 metre length.

Fibreglass Roofing Trim