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Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roofs are extremely popular in the UK and Ireland.

There are various types of Flat Roofing systems which use different materials and application methods for repairs.

Some of these flat roofing systems are:

  • Felt Roofing: Traditional method of roofing, the waterproof membrane is made up of layers of bitumen and usually finished with a grit surface
  • Asphalt: Another bitumen-based type of roofing, with a stone, grey like appearance
  • Concrete: Solid slab of concrete which caps the top of the building
  • EPDM: Synthetic rubber roofing membrane system
  • Fibreglass / GRP Roofing: Liquid Roofing system which uses Fibreglass Matting, Topcoat and Resin to form a waterproof barrier

For the purposes of this article, we will talk about Fibreglass / GRP Flat Roofing and its advantages.


Fibreglass or GRP Roofing Systems are renowned for their lightweight yet durable structure. Fibreglass has been used across many industries for years where durability is a necessity. For example, Fibreglass is a core component of boat manufacturing. Once the Resin has cured and Topcoat applied you will be left with a watertight Flat Roof membrane which will last for many years.

Low Maintenance Costs

A common concern for customers when choosing any type of Flat Roof is ongoing maintenance costs. Thanks to its easy to maintain surface, there is little effort required in cleaning. The surface can be simply hosed down if needed. There are also no seams, joints or welts reducing the risk of water penetration and damage to structural components underneath.

Adaptable to any size

GRP Flat Roofs are completely workable to virtually any size. Although very popular for small extensions, porches, garages and balconies for domestic properties, GRP Roofing can equally be used for large scale commercial buildings too. GRP Flat Roofs can also be finished with a non-slip, textured surface for extra safety.

Environmentally Friendly

Once a fibreglass roof has cured it is chemically stable. It will not rot or deteriorate once all materials have been applied correctly. It is also applied ‘cold’ meaning there is no need for the use of heat torches which are used in more traditional roofing systems.


Fibreglass Roofing as a choice for Flat Roofs will leave you with a sleek, professional roof. Different colours can be used to finish the look of your roof and Roofing Trims will tidy any corners for an extra decorative edge.

Readily Available Materials

If you need to repair an existing Fibreglass or GRP Flat Roof, materials can be easily sourced online.

At FibreGlassDirect we supply a large range of Premium and Low-Cost Roofing Kits from 1-100 square metres, designed for the professional and DIY enthusiast alike. If you require details on how to use our kits, please visit our roofing tips and tutorials page for more information.

At FibreGlassDirect, we also provide a comprehensive range of GRP Roofing Trims to compliment your new flat roof in 1 or 3-metre lengths. For extra savings, we also offer roofing trims in packs of 10.

Our Dark Grey, Fire Retardant Roofing Topcoat supplied in our Premium Roofing Kits is approved to BS476 part 3 and Flexible Roofing Resin is also provided to support roof contractions and expansions.

Our Low-Cost Roofing Kits provide a standard Roofing Topcoat in Dark Grey with a Lloyds Approved Resin for a very competitive price.