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Glass Filled Bodyfiller | ProWorx Fibrefix 1.85 litre

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Have a hole in your bodywork that is rusting away? Look no further than ProWorx® Fibrefix Fibreglass Glass Filled Bodyfiller for the ultimate in all repair applications.

Fibrefix Fibreglass Body Filler is a premium glass-strand filled body filler with excellent build and repair properties for bridging holes and rust damage.

This innovative and highly diverse repair product is developed from processed short strands of fibreglass and is an extremely simple and easily workable product to shape and apply, making it the ideal solution to both large and small repair zones.

The product is a high-quality two-part polyester body filler, designed specifically for dealing with deep filling and scenarios which require the bridging of holes. Fibrefix has excellent adhesive qualities making it universally applicable across a range of common body work repairs.

Once cured, which takes place quickly due to its fast cure properties, Fibrefix Fibreglass Body Filler sands down with great ease, ensuring a well-developed repair surface for final skimming with products such as ProWorx Swift or Elite prior to priming and painting.

Users can repair broken, cracked and rusted car panels and body components in a quick and easy manner. The polyester fibreglass resin creates a permanent and waterproof seal over all repair zones.

Hardener is supplied with the Fibrefix filler, hardener is mixed into the body filler at 3% addition. 

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