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GRP Roofing Ireland

GRP Roofing (often referred to as Fibreglass Roofing) is a growing industry in Ireland. GRP Roofing has proven itself as a durable and robust system suited to the ever-changing and often harsh conditions of the Irish seasons.

What are the advantages of using GRP Roofing in Ireland?


As previously outlined, GRP is known in the roofing industry for its robustness. Once all materials have been applied correctly with adherence to the manufacturer and supplier guidelines, a GRP Roof will easily last in excess of 20 years.

Maintenance Free

A cured GRP roof will be tack-free and smooth. The only exception to its smooth finish is the addition of non-slip granules which may be added to the topcoat. The topcoat is the waterproof, final layer applied to the GRP Roof. This is particularly important for balconies and walkways which will require footfall. In any case, any debris which gathers on the roof may be easily brushed off or cleaned down with a hose if required.

Design to Any Size

GRP Roofs can be designed to almost any size. GRP Roofs work equally as well for commercial and domestic applications. FibreGlassDirect offer roofing kit sizes up to 100 square metres but larger sizes can be catered for upon request by contacting our sales team.

Ease of Application

GRP Roofs do not require any high-tech machinery or equipment to be applied. There are plenty of training guides available online such as the one provided by FibreGlassDirect. FibreGlassDirect also offers training courses in GRP Roofing. Please contact our sales team if you would like to find out more.

Safety First

It goes without saying that all safety guidelines and precautions should be followed in relation to any roofing job. One advantage of GRP Roofs is the fact that it is a cold pour system. No blow torches are required which reduces the risk of on-site accidents.


Traditionally, GRP Roofs were painted as out of style and unconventional. Fortunately, thanks to advancements in the industry, this opinion is changing. GRP Roofs are stylish and can be finished in a variety of colours to suit. The addition of Roofing Trims also gives the roof a neat and decorative finish. 

Fast Delivery of GRP Materials

FibreGlassDirect is situated in Newry, Co. Down and positioned to provide fast, nationwide delivery throughout Ireland at competitive prices. Our warehouse also operates as a collection depot if customers would prefer to collect their order in person.

Want to know more about GRP Roofing in Ireland?

If you’re looking to know more about GRP Roofing in Ireland – look no further! FibreGlassDirect is the largest supplier of GRP Materials in Ireland and the UK. GRP Roofing is a speciality for us. We choose the best products in the market to give you a great, professional finish every time.

Visit our roofing section to view our comprehensive range of materials or if you would like to learn more why not read our top tips on installing a GRP Roof?