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GRP Roofing UK

GRP Roofing (or fibreglass roofing) as it is commonly referred to is a growing industry in the UK. Although not a new method of flat roofing, ongoing improvements to the material technology has seen its popularity rise in the UK in recent times. It has overtaken more traditional methods of flat roofing such as felt or concrete roofing.

What makes GRP Roofing so popular in the UK?

Here are just some of the advantages to having a GRP Roof in the UK

Corrosion resistant

GRP is one of the most weatherproof materials on the roofing market today. As the UK is known for its unpredictable and often harsh weather conditions a durable roofing system is a must. GRP is an inert material, meaning it will not rot or corrode. Once all GRP materials have been used correctly, a GRP Roof will easily last in excess of 20 years.

Works to any size

Fibreglass is a versatile material that can be worked to virtually any roof size.  External sheds and garages are extremely popular in the UK as well as small extensions. A fibreglass roof will perfectly suit any of these roofing projects. Equally, fibreglass can be used for commercial roofs spanning 100sqm or more! This works well for contractors who can work with fibreglass material for whatever size roof they are working on. DIY enthusiasts can also work on a garden shed project that have never used fibreglass before and want to give it a try! As always, contact us if you require any advice before starting any project if you would like more information.


GRP is often cheaper when compared to traditional building materials in the UK. There is also no on-site heat equipment (in comparison to torch on felt roofing) which reduces insurance costs and the risk of on-site accidents. There is also little to no maintenance required on a GRP Roof which lowers ongoing maintenance costs. GRP Roofs can be easily washed down with a hose and brush.  Speed of installation is also a big plus for GRP Roofing as it saves on labour costs.

GRP Roofing Supplies in the UK

FibreGlassDirect is one of the leading distributors of GRP Roofing Supplies in the UK. We supply a variety of products including;

For most orders placed before 12pm we are able to provide next working day delivery to anywhere in the UK. Our fibreglass roofing kits and materials have over 20 years of tried and tested use throughout the UK.

If you are unsure of which kit to choose visit our roofing materials quantity calculator. For GRP roofing installation guidelines, you can view our handy tips on laying the perfect GRP roof.

Alternatively, don’t hesitate to contact us should you need our advice!