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Roofing Kits Direct

Fibreglass Roofing Kits direct to your door 

We specialize in fibreglass-reinforced plastic (GRP) roofing kits at FibreglassDirect. A tracked courier normally delivers products direct to your door, so if you have any concerns about your delivery, we can let you know where it is and when it will arrive. You can expect your order to be dispatched by the following working day, and delivery will normally be made within 2-3 business days. 

We provide the following with all our roofing kits: 

  • Chopped strand matt: choose between the 450g weight range to support light foot traffic or moderate foot traffic in the 600g weight range. We provide an additional 10% matting to allow for overlapping.  
  • The resin can be standard polyester or 100% pure polyester. 
  • Roof topcoats are available in standard, fire retardant and pigmented colours 
  • Catalyst (also known as hardener) assists resins and topcoats in curing. 
  • Bandages of fibreglass used for sealing edges, corners, and trim. 

Our roofing edge trims and fibreglass installation tools are available in addition to our kit offerings. Fiberglass installation tools (buckets, rollers) and personal protective equipment (PPE) are included in each kit. Use the FlatOut Calculator to estimate what materials you need. 

For tips and advice on installing your roof, you can watch this video for a complete installation guide 

What is a GRP Fibreglass Roof? 

Fibreglass is also known as GRP - glass reinforced plastic. Developed initially for insulation in the 1930s, it has proven to be a durable, long-lasting, adaptable material with many other applications. 

Flat roofs can be replaced with fibreglass flat roofs, which are long-lasting and cost-effective. They have many advantages over traditional roofing materials such as rubber and felt. These include: 

  • Durability – fibreglass roofing last for over 20 years 
  • The fibreglass roof offers better coverage since it can be laminated onto intricate corners and fill gaps and surfaces where other roofs systems cannot. 
  • They are easy to install and do not require any heat. 
  • Fibreglass is extremely weatherproof 
  • Fibreglass roofs offer greater security, while felt and rubber roofs can be opened with just a Stanley knife. 
  • Fibreglass roofs are strong, making them ideal for walkways, balconies, etc. 
  • Fibreglass provides a smooth, clean, consistent finish that is long-lasting, especially when combined with UV filters to prevent discolouration 

Choosing a fibreglass roofing kit for your project? 

As a leader in the fibreglass industry, FibreglassDirect uses only the highest quality composite materials for its Fibreglass Kits.  A fibreglass repair or build kit includes everything you need to complete the job, including Resin, Matting, Topcoat, and Tools. Professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike can find the right kit for their needs, and each kit is designed to make fibreglass repairs and builds easy and affordable. 

Choosing the right kit can be as simple as browsing through the kit categories and choosing the size that is appropriate for your project. All our kits and products are supported with technical information for more specific characteristics on the products. 

Damp Tolerant Membrane for New & Existing Flat Roofs 

Additionally, we offer TriRoof HPX system (Hybrid Polymer roofing system), which allows you to install and repair roofs in even the wettest and coldest conditions.  

  • Suitable to be applied to damp surfaces 
  • No primer/No mixing 
  • For use on most surfaces including asphalt, felt, rubber, concrete, most metals, roofs and flooring 
  • Suitable for use on gullies and flashings 
  • Self-levelling 
  • Environmentally friendly - free from isocyanates and bitumen 
  • Extremely flexible (up to 300% its normal size) 
  • Highly affordable 
  • Trade and DIY use 

What does a Fibreglass roof cost? 

As with other roofing systems, fibreglass roofs cost roughly the same amount to install. Fibreglass roofs require much less maintenance and repair during their lifespan, so there are considerable long-term cost savings. Furthermore, fibreglass roofs tend to outlive other roofing systems, representing excellent value over time. 

Fibreglass roofing courses 

If you are looking for a Fibreglass Roofing course, look no further! The FibreglassDirect roofing course is a one-day, CPD-certified course that will teach you the basics of fibreglass roofing. Our company is one of the few GRP roofing companies that offer a CPD accredited course. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the course. We are one of the only GRP Roofing companies to provide a CPD accredited course. On successful completion of the course, attendees will be given a certificate. This will be issued on the day by our training team. 

It runs from around 9 am to 3.30 pm, and we specifically teach in small groups. Training in small groups enables our trainers to provide the highest quality fibreglass roofing instruction. As fibreglass Roofing experts, our trainers are well-equipped to deliver a course that will provide you with the skills to start a career in fibreglass roofing. 

Where are the Fibreglass Roofing Courses located? 

The primary training location is in Leeds, close to Hunslet (LS10 1PS). We have a second location in Newry, Northern Ireland. In addition to training at these two locations, we can accommodate large groups throughout the UK. 

Our technical account managers are spread throughout the United Kingdom. Our training days can also be organized at your location if you are a depot that wishes to stock TriRoof. Your customers will then be fully informed about the products you supply