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Roofing Materials

There is a range of roofing materials available on today’s market. This article will focus on the materials used for Fibreglass/GRP roofing. This is a very popular and highly effective roofing solution. As a method of roofing it is today widely used throughout the construction and DIY industry for small, medium, large and commercial builds. Roofing resin FibreGlassDirect offer a roofing resin which contains additional flexible additives. This aids in the completed roof’s ability to withstand thermal expansions and contractions. Such movement is a result of changing weather conditions. It is suitable to both flat and pitched roofs. The product has a low viscosity and low styrene which allows for fast curing and also means the product has a minimal environmental impact. Roofing topcoat FibreGlassDirect have a choice of Topcoats on offer. These include a standard version and also a fire-retardant version. The standard version (non-fire-retardant) is available in a series of light or dark grey colours’. The specifically designed fire-retardant roofing topcoat is available in a dark grey finish. Both of these Topcoats will result in an extremely durable and waterproof finish. The type of product chosen depends on the needs of the consumer. GRP roofing trims We have a wide range of roofing trims available as part of our roofing materials selection to suit all requirements. These come in sizes ranging from 1.5 meters, 3 meters to corner pieces, as well as a 10 pack of trims. This range of GRP trim pieces are applicable to a multitude of roofing systems. Fibreglass, polymeric, liquid applied and single membrane flat roofing systems all use roofing trims. These applications include flat and pitched roofs in both industrial and domestic settings. G4 damp sealer G4 sealer is a moisture curing polyurethane liquid. This forms a non-porous coating on brick, porous stone and concrete. The product acts to prime the concrete or brick area prior to the Fibreglass lining application and ensures adhesion. G4 sealer uses the moisture in both the substrate and the air as a catalyst which results in curing and hardening. Fibreglass roofing kits FibreGlassDirect supply a range of Fibreglass roofing kits to suit all needs. These kits include all roofing materials and tools which are required for each job and are suitable for professional roofers and homeowners alike. There are a series of kit sizes available to choose from depending on the size of the roofing job requirements, these range from 5 square meters up to 100 square meters. If Fibreglass/GRP is the right choice for you, FibreGlassDirect will happily supply everything necessary for a professional and dependable completion.