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Roofing Supplies London

If you are looking for fibreglass roofing supplies in the London area – look no further. FibreGlassDirect offers a fast, reliable courier service to the Greater London area including Ealing, Bromley, Harrow, Croydon and Hounslow to name but a few!

Why choose FibreGlassDirect?

FibreGlassDirect has over 50 years’ experience in the fibreglass industry. We have been selling online since 2009 whilst maintaining a very successful trade counter offline. We are centrally located in Gloucestershire and in a prime position to offer next working day delivery to our London customers for orders placed before 12pm.

Fibreglass / GRP for Roofing in London

Fibreglass, often referred to as GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) has built a strong reputation in recent times as a leading system for flat roofing. Its seamless finish is lightweight yet extremely durable.

When choosing a flat roofing system an obvious decision factor that comes into play is its longevity! Most fibreglass roofs will last in excess of 20 years once applied correctly with little or no maintenance required.  Fibreglass can be used for commercial roofs as well as domestic roof refurbishments and extensions of any size.

Aesthetically, fibreglass roofs are one of the best types of flat roofs on the market. Although there are four components to the roofing process (Resin, Fibreglass Mat, Topcoat and Trims) all are brought together and seamlessly integrated.

GRP Roofing Materials delivered to London

We can deliver the following to London within hours of order placement for the following fibreglass roofing supplies.

Roofing Resin

We recommend two resins which can be used for fibreglass roofing projects.

Lloyds Approved Standard Resin 

This is our standard resin approved by the Lloyds Register. A great universal resin which can also be used for standard fibreglass DIY projects including hand lay-up projects. 

Flexible Roofing Resin

flexible roofing resin which contains flexible additives to aid with thermal contractions and expansions that a flat roof may experience. 

Roofing Topcoat

Standard Roofing Topcoat

Our non fire-retardant standard roofing topcoat which will cure to a durable, tack-free finish in Light or Dark Grey. Available to buy individually and also provided through our great value low-cost fibreglass roofing kits.

Fire Retardant Roofing Topcoat

Our Fire Retardant Topcoat is avaialble in a Dark Grey finish with additives for extra protection against fire. We recommend this roofing topcoat for all domestic fibreglass roof builds. This can be purchased on its own or it is also sold through our range of Premium Fibreglass Roofing Kits.

GRP Roofing Trims

Roofing trims will aid with drainage from the flat roof and provide a decorative finish. Depending on the type of trim needed we provide the following lengths;

All in one Roofing Kits

Premium Roofing Kits 

These are our most popular range of fibreglass roofing kits available up to 100sqm. Sold complete with flexible roofing resin, fire retardant topcoat , 450g matting and tools. 

Low-Cost Roofing Kits

Perfect for outhouses and garden sheds - our Low-Cost fibreglass Roofing Kits come complete with Lloyds Approved Resin, Standard Roofing Topcoat, 450g matting and tools. These kits are also available up to 100sqm. 

Ancillaries and Tools

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