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Local Roofing Supplies 

Are you looking for Roofing Supplies at a location near you in the UK or Ireland? FibreGlassDirect has all your fibreglass roofing needs catered for!

We supply Fibreglass also referred to as GRP Roofing Supplies throughout the UK and Ireland on a speedy courier delivery service. Most orders are delivered within 1-2 working days so there has never been a better time to order your roofing supplies online.

Whether you live in London, Birmingham, Yorkshire or Dublin - with bases in Gloucestershire and Newry we are in a prime position to offer fast, competitive delivery to all of our customers. 

Roofing Supplies On Offer

At FibreGlassDirect we specialise in Fibreglass Roofing products. We have over 50 years' experience in the fibreglass industry and that means 50 years of sourcing the best fibreglass supplies on the market. 

Due to popular demand we started to supply Fibreglass Roofing products alongside our existing range of GRP Product ranges. 

Some of the Roofing Products we offer are;

Roofing Resin

We recommend two types of Roofing Resin for fibreglass roof builds and repairs. We offer a Lloyds Approved resin which comes approved by the Lloyds Register, tested according to their criteria and is well respected by the construction industry. This resin works really well as a standard Roofing Resin and is also available as part of our Low-Cost fibreglass roofing kits. The second type of Roofing Resin we offer is a Flexible Roofing Resin which aids thermal contractions and expansions thanks to its flexible additives. This resin is also available through our range of premium fibreglass roofing kits. 

Roofing Topcoat

We also offer a choice of two Roofing Topcoats for your fibreglass roofing projects - Standard and Fire-Retardant. Both are specifically designed for fibreglass roofing applications and will provide a tough, watertight finish once cured. Our Standard Roofing Topcoat is available in a Light or Dark Grey finish whilst our Fire Retardant version is available in Dark Grey only. 

Fibreglass Roofing Trims

Fibreglass Roofing Trims will aid your fibreglass roof in terms of drainage and give it a decorative finish. Once the roofing trims have been covered with the fibreglass and topcoat, they will seamlessly integrate with the rest of the roof. Our roofing trims are available in both 1.5 metre and 3 metre lengths.

Fibreglass Complete Roofing Kits

We offer two types of Fibreglass Roofing Kits - Premium and Low-Cost. Both sets of kits are available from 1 to 100sqm with or without tools. This makes them ideal for patch roof repairs or complete new flat roof builds. Our Premium Roofing Kit offers Flexible Roofing Resin as outlined above, 1 layer of 450g Chopped Strand Matting, Dark Grey Fire-Retardant Topcoat and Tools if required. In our Low-Cost Roofing Kits you can expect to find Lloyds Approved Resin, 1 Layer of 450g Chopped Strand Matting, Standard Roofing Topcoat in Light or Dark Grey and Tools if required. 

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