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RTV 28 Silicone Rubber Kit 1.05kg

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The RTV 28 Silicone Rubber Kit from FibreGlassDirect is a 2-Part Moulding Rubber System.

Its key advantages are

  • Very high tear strength
  • High levels of Stability
  • Chemical resistant to PU and PE
  • Hight detail pick up

Once cured, this rubber will become extremely flexible with very high mechanical properties and good shelf-life stability. It is suitable for mould making of intricate patterns and will pick up fine details. Softer grades are better suited for use where there are deep undercuts.

Instructional Guidelines

The curing process starts as soon as the catalyst is added. Under normal conditions of temperature and humidity, typical curing characteristics are described below. If the product is to be used in contact with aggressive chemicals, such as high styrene polyester resins or epoxies, it is recommended that the rubber be allowed to cure for 48 hours before use.

Charge 95-100 parts by weight of Base Rubber and 5 parts by weight of catalyst into a suitable plastic or metal container. The volume of the mixing vessel should be sufficient to allow for rapid expansion which takes place during the initial degassing of the catalysed rubber.

Mix thoroughly avoiding excessive air entrapment but using the colour contrast to achieve homogeneity. Stop the mixer and scrape the vessel walls a few times. To prevent imperfections due to bubbles in the cured rubber, it is advisable to de-aerate the liquid rubber by using intermittent evacuation for a few minutes. Normally after releasing the vacuum 2 or 3 times, the mass collapses naturally after which degassing should continue for only a few minutes.

For full technical details, please refer to the TDS and MSDS in the product attachments tab.

Danger H226 - Flammable liquid and vapour.
H319 Causes serious eye irritation.
H360D May damage the unborn child.
H373 May cause damage to the immune system through prolonged or repeated exposure.
Contains: dioctyltin dilaurate
Catalyst Silicone - Polyester Gelcoat - CIL Release Mould Spray
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