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Xtreme Surfboard Resin & Catalyst

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A  high performance resin from Cray Valley for the manufacture and repair of surfboards. It's product features are-

- Highly transparent 
- UV stable 
- Low viscosity 
- Low styrene content 
- High mechanical properties 
- Good sanding properties 
- Quick gel and cure time

A new high performance resin from Cray Valley for the manufacture of surfboards. Xtreme surfboard resin highlights are: - Highly transparent - UV stable - Low viscosity - Low styrene content - High mechanical properties - Good sanding properties - Quick gel and cure time

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How much Resin do I need?

Work out how much Glass you have by weight and multiply by 2.5. i.e. for 2kg of fibreglass mat, you will require 5kg of resin. Alternatively, use our Materials Quantity Calculator. Roofing applications may require more resin if the resin is applied to OSB3 boards as the boards will soak more resin. Our Read more

Yes, all Resins, Topcoats and Gelcoats sold by FibreGlassDirect are supplied with sufficient catalyst. 

Unfortunately, Polyester Resin cannot be used on Polystyrene as it will eat into it! An Epoxy Resin would be better suited for this application.
The shelf life of Catalyst is approximately 6 months. It is important that the catalyst is stored in its original packaging in a cool, dry location away from sunlight. As Catalyst is an extremely flammable chemical, it is important to refer to MSDS and TDS sheets before use.