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TriRoof 15 square metre 600g Standard Fibreglass Roof Kit

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£402.30 £335.25

TriRoof Standard GRP Fibreglass Roofing Kit with 600g matting and non-fire retardant Roofing Topcoat in Dark Grey. Tools not included.

For kit contents, please see below.

Kit Contents

  • TriRoof Lloyd’s Approved Roofing Resin 5kg x 6
  • TriRoof GRP Roofing Dark Grey Topcoat 5kg x 2
  • Glass Mat - 600g-1 x 15m x 9
  • Catalyst - Metox 50 - 1l x 1
  • Catalyst - Metox 50 - 100ml x 2
  • Measuring Cup - 30ml x 2
  • Mixing Cup - 32oz/900ml (Paper) x 2
  • Brush - 50mm (Plastic Handle) x 2
  • Brush - 100mm (Plastic Handle) x 2
  • Mixing Stick (150mmx18mm wide) x 2
  • Plastic stirrer x 2
  • Gloves - Latex ,Powdered (X Large) (singles) x 6
  • Roller - Paddle 70 x 21mm x 1
  • Roller - Paddle 140 x 21mm x 1
  • Roller Refill - Blue Stripes 150mm x 2
  • Roller Handle - Push On 150 x 245mm x 1
  • Bucket - 2.5L White Plastic (with Handle) x 2
  • Roller Refill - Topcoat Mohair 150mm x 2

TriRoof Standard GRP / Fibreglass Roofing Kit with materials to cover one layer with 600g matting and a dark-grey Topcoat. Please note this Topcoat is Non-Fire Retardant.

600g Fibreglass Matting is suitable for flat roofs which require regular access for foot traffic. Lloyd's Approved Resin is also included with this kit. 

You may also require glass bandage roll and acetone to complement your roofing kit. These are both available from the related products below. 

Complete GRP / Fibreglass Roof Installation

Ask a Question
Quite simply put, it’s down to the quality of the materials. Our Fibreglass Roof Kits have been sold for 30 years throughout the UK and Ireland. We have only ever bought from trusted composite manufacturers who supply material that we have rigorously tested. What is contained in the Fibreglass Roof Kits? In our Roof Kits, you will never find a re-blended resin. This is often supplied by other companies in a bid to lower prices. As we cannot guarantee the quality for such a critical project, we offer a Lloyd’s Approved, a certified resin in our Standard Fibreglass Roof Kits and a Premium Flex Roofing Resin in our Premium Fibreglass Roof Kits. Our Premium Kits are also supplied with a Fire-Retardant Roofing Topcoat for additional peace of mind. This is particularly important for residential roofing applications or structures that will house hazardous materials. The certificate for this fire retardancy testing is available to view on our website. In addition to the quality of the materials supplied, an additional point to note is the quantity we supply. At FibreGlassDirect we offer 1.5kg of resin per square metre in our 450g Fibreglass Roofing Kits to allow for soakage into OSB Boards. We offer 2kg per square metre in our 600g Fibreglass Roof Kits to allow to soakage too. Topcoat for both options (450g & 600g) topcoat is supplied at 0.6kg per square metre, allowing for plenty of coverage. The only thing not allocated in our kits are Fibreglass Roof Trims, Glass Bandage Roll and Acetone. We have left these out as to not increase the price of the kits unnecessarily. Trims are entirely dependant on the shape and size of the roof and will, therefore, vary quite a lot. Acetone is something we do supply on FibreGlassDirect but is not directly needed by every customer so we have left this as an optional extra. More information on Fibreglass Roof Kits If you would like more information from our team, please do not hesitate to get in... Read more
Published in: Fibreglass Roofing
In short, yes. Fibreglass can be applied to a pitched roof. Although fibreglass is most commonly known in the market for flat roofing, fibreglass can be applied vertically also.
Published in: Fibreglass Roofing
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