Introduction to Resin Driveways

Resin Driveways have become increasingly popular in recent years for paving applications in the UK and Ireland due to their versatility and hard-wearing surfaces. Aesthetically, they can add a lot of value to your garden, pathways and driveways.

It can be formed into any shape or size; beading is often used to create custom shapes.

Advancements in Resin Materials for Driveway applications has paved the way (excuse the pun!) for quality products that are UV stabilised and relatively easy to apply.

Resin Driveway Products at FibreGlassDirect

At FibreGlassDirect, we supply two different types of Polyurethane (PU) Driveway Resin Systems in the form of Resin Bond and Resin Bound for external use.

In this brief blog piece, we’ll give you some helpful information to help differentiate between the two systems and choose the right Driveway Resin System for you.

Both systems are non-slip with an excellent resistance to weeds and frost. They are also oil resistant.

Resin Bond Driveway System

The Resin Bonded Driveway System is also referred to as a Scattercoat Resin Driveway System. This system is formulated to resemble loose gravel. The Resin is spread over the base (substrate) and a scattering of Aggregate is applied on top. The majority of the Aggregate will adhere to the Resin base and the remainder will be loose. It is a very cost-effective system.

This Resin Bonded System is not porous as water cannot pass through; therefore, it is not SUDS compliant.

Each Resin Bond Driveway System is 17.5kg. For the Scattercoat system, you will need to use the 1-3mm aggregate. One 17.5kg resin bonded kit with 6 bags of 1-3mm will cover approximately 12 square metres. We always recommend Klin Dried Aggregate for use with this system which is also available from FibreGlassDirect.

Once the Resin has cured, it will be weed and slip-resistant whilst remaining seamless. The system will also not fade. 

Resin Bound Driveway System

The Resin Bound System is the most popular System on the paving market today. It is extremely durable and outperforms many systems including Tarmac, Concrete and P.I.C. in terms of frost resistance, weed resistance and slip resistance. It also won’t fade thank to its UV stability.

This system will be more expensive than the Bonded System, due to coverage, depth and materials requirement.

The Resin and Aggregate in this system need to be mixed with a Force Action Pan Mixer to ensure all the aggregate is coated with the resin prior to application and it is then applied with a trowel in an even layer. Typically, this is laid at 15mm for pathways or 18mm for driveways. This usually results in an extremely flat surface and the Aggregate is fully secure once cured. This makes it ideal for Driveways. The Bound System is usually applied to a concrete or asphalt base.

The Resin Bound System is porous or permeable which allows the water to pass through. This helps to reduce flooding and is compliant with SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System). All new Driveways are to comply with SUDS, as directed by the UK Government.

It is incredibly low maintenance and can be cleaned with a jet wash.

Resin Bound coverage requirements

10 square metres

4 Resin Bound Kits / 8 x 25kg 1-3mm Aggregate / 8 x 25kg 2-5mm Aggregate

15 square metres

5 Resin Bound Kits / 10 x 25kg 1-3mm Aggregate / 10 x 25kg 2-5mm Aggregate

20 square metres

7 Resin Bound Kits / 14 x 25kg 1-3mm Aggregate / 14 x 25kg 2-5mm Aggregate

25 square metres

9 Resin Bound Kits / 18 x 25kg 1-3mm Aggregate / 18 x 25kg 2-5mm Aggregate

30 square metres

10 Resin Bound Kits / 20 x 25kg 1-3mm Aggregate / 20 x 25kg 2-5mm Aggregate

40 square metres

13 Resin Bound Kits / 26 x 25kg 1-3mm Aggregate / 26 x 25kg 2-5mm Aggregate

50 square metres

17 Resin Bound Kits / 34 x 25kg 1-3mm Aggregate / 34 x 25kg 2-5mm Aggregate


Why buy Resin Driveway Materials from FibreGlassDirect?

FibreGlassDirect has over 60 years’ experience in Composites and Resin, as part of the Tricel group. We have ensured our Resin Driveway materials come from trusted manufacturers whose materials we have tried and tested. We offer two different solutions depending on your budget and requirements as well as a comprehensive range of coloured Kiln Dried Aggregates. We also supply a range of Tools and Solvent Cleaners to ensure the best finish for your new Resin Driveway or Paved area.

Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced Composites team with any queries on your upcoming Driveway project.  We will be delighted to assist.