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Fibreglass Roofing Quote

If you are looking for a fibreglass roofing quote – look no further!

The FibreGlassDirect range of roofing supplies are designed for fibreglass roofs of all shapes and sizes. 

How to get a fibreglass roofing quote

There is no need to contact us directly for a quote. Everything needed is available through our materials calculator which will generate exactly what you need, saving time and allowing you to order straight away!

If there is anything that requires a second opinion, don’t hesitate to contact the team at FibreGlassDirect.

Fibreglass Roofing Calculator

What materials are involved with a fibreglass roof?

Fibreglass roofs are essentially made up of 3 layers – Wooden board (OSB3 or Ply), Fibreglass mat and Topcoat.

Once the OSB Boards have been secured it will be time to work with the Resin, Matting and Topcoat. Our fibreglass materials calculator will give an estimate of the quantities needed and the items can be purchased individually or through one of our roofing kits. It is always important to consider roofing trims when allowing for materials needed. Often customers will allow for the exact square meterage of the roof (e.g. 15sqm) without allowing extra for the roofing trims. Therefore, it is important to always allow a little extra to cover roofing trims or any extra features present on the roof.

Roofing trims ensure adequate drainage from the flat roof and offer a quality finish. The roofing trims offered by FibreGlassDirect are manufactured from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and are availble in 1.5 metre, 3 metre and corner pieces. Trims required are dependent on the design of the roof. Roofing trim compatibility is covered in our FAQ section

FibreGlassDirect provide a comprehensive range of roofing kits designed with all materials needed to complete a fibreglass roof. Materials include Roofing Resin, Topcoat, 1 layer of 450g matting and a range of tools.

A full set of instructions are provided with each roofing kit, or you can view our top fibreglass roofing installation guidelines online. 

Why choose FibreGlassDirect?

FibreGlassDirect has decades of experience in providing quality fibreglass products for the flat roofing industry amongst others. We have developed a solid relationship with our customers who have come to trust us a friendly, reliable company who strive to deliver the best customer service. 

For most orders placed before 12pm we aim to offer next working day delivery to anywhere in mainland UK. We use a specialist courier who offer a tracked delivery service. Therefore,  if any issues arise on the wherabouts of a delivery, it can be easily tracked. 

Happy roofing!