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Q. How do I track my order?

Q. Are there any areas that you do not ship to?

Q. Must I sign for the goods ?

Q. When will my order be despatched?

Q. How are the delivery costs calculated?

Q. How is the final cost of my order calculated?



Q. How much resin do I need ?

Q. How much catalyst do I need to add to resin?

Q. What is the difference between Low Cost General Purpose and Lloyds Approved General Purpose Resin?

Gelcoat / Topcoat

Q. What is the difference between Topcoat and Gelcoat ?

Q. What is the lead time on Coloured Topcoat and Gelcoat ?

Q. How much gelcoat do I need to apply to a surface?

Q. How much Topcoat I need to apply to a surface?

Fibreglass Projects

Fibreglass Ponds

Q. I want to buy a Pond Kit, what size do I buy?

Fibreglass Roofing Materials

Roofing Trims

Q. Which roofing trims are compatible with each other?

Q. What is the difference between a drip roofing trim and raised edge trim?

Q. What is the best way to apply roofing trims?

Q. Should I use special nails to secure the trims?

Q. I have a crack in my GRP Roofing Trim – how do I fix it?

Q. Can I use lead or metal trims with a GRP Roof?

Laminating a Fibreglass Roof

Q. What are your top tips for laminating a fibreglass roof?

Roofing Kits

Q. What is the difference between the low-cost and premium fibreglass roofing kits?