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Fibreglass Supplies

Are you looking for the number one place in the UK and Ireland to buy Fibreglass Supplies online? Well, you have come to the right place!

FibreGlassDirect supply a massive range of fibreglass products for all kinds of projects – large and small.

So, what exactly can we offer you? In this article, we break down some of our most popular fibreglass ranges available.

GRP Roofing Materials

At FibreGlassDirect, we pride ourselves on the ability to deliver quality flat roofing materials, at the right price, at the right time. This is no exception when it comes to GRP Roofing.

The success of GRP Roofing projects is often dependant on the weather. At FibreGlassDirect, we recognise this and will always do our best to deliver on the next available working day nationwide around the UK and Ireland.

To save time during the checkout process, we have created all in one complete GRP roofing kits. These packs include Resin, Matting, Topcoat and even tools if required. Better still, these kits are available from 1-100 square metres. (That’s what we mean about all projects – large or small!).

If complete GRP packs don’t quite offer everything you need, all roofing materials are available to purchase separately.

To top it off don’t forget to include your GRP Roof Trims which are available in 1.5 metre or 3 metre lengths as well as multi-saver packs of 10. We haven’t forgotten about the corner trims either, these are all catered for too!

GRP / Fibreglass Roof

Fibreglass Moulding Supplies

Mould Release Waxes, Sprays, Gelcoats and Compounding Pastes are essential to mould making. Luckily, at FibreGlassDirect, we can supply all of these online. The advantage of this is, no trips to town in search of these (often difficult to find) items – instead put your feet up and shop from the comfort of your own home!

We supply Mould Release Waxes & PVA Releases from quality brands such as Meguiars and Llewellyn Ryland. Alternatively, we supply other quality products such as Honey Wax and CILRelease Spray. All release agents work depending on the level of ‘slip’ required. All of the options available at FibreGlassDirect will cover different levels.

Not forgetting Gelcoats, this product range is one of our biggest sellers. Gelcoat is available in 6 standard colours; White, Black, Dove Grey, Bright Blue, Dark Olive and Clear. Clear is suitable for pigmentation with our range of polyester pigments which come in an abundance of colour options.

Fibreglass Moulding


Polyester Resin is a firm favourite with our customers. It’s relatively inexpensive, wets out really well and is suitable for lots of industries. Our best-selling Lloyd’s Approved Resin is certified under the Lloyd’s Register and can be used for almost anything from boat building to roofing.

If you are into Arts and Crafts – the Water Clear Casting Resin is an excellent way to create and embed items. It can also be used for model making.

If you need something more advanced than Polyester - we also offer a range of Epoxy and Vinylester Resins.

Explore the rest of our Fibreglass Supplies

If you are looking for something else but haven’t seen it here, why not browse through the rest of our categories? We offer an extensive range of fibreglass kits as well as Glass Reinforcements and Topcoats to name but a few.