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Polyester Resin

Polyester Resins for all your fibreglass needs:


Polyester & Fibreglass resins are widely used for boat building, boat repair, industrial application like machine repair, domestic and roofing applications. Low styrene emission and viscosity lead to fast Fibreglass wet out and better working environment. Polyester resin is a versatile, tolerant material that can be used by professionals and householders alike.

Lyods approved resin is a multipurpose polyester resin used in a number of applications. Most commonly it is used in potable water storage, boat repair, pond repair and forms part of our low cost roofing repair kits. It comes in a number of sizes from 1-220kg so can be purchased for all projects large and small.

Low cost general purpose resin can be used in non-critical fibreglass repairs. This polyester resin is generally used in the repair of garden equipment, down pipe repair and minor GRP bath repairs.

Roofing resin contains extra flexible additives in comparison to other polyester resins which gives it its strength properties. This allows flat roof repairs to cope with climate changes for expansion and contraction. This range is one of the more popular polyester resins bought in the UK market. Roof resin has the ability to withstand light foot fall when applied with a roof top coat.

Clear casting resin is used in the art and craft industry in the creation of many ornamental pieces including jewellery, paper weights, model making, furniture tops including counter and table tops, preservation of flowers and other organic material. While the main product is transparent, it can pigmented to provide a creative finish to all crafted pieces.