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Fibre Glass

Fibre Glass

Fibreglass is a fibre reinforced plastic. The reinforcement comes from the fibre which in this case is made of strands of glass which are available in a variety of different options. Some of these options include;

For extra reinforcement Carbon Fibre and Kevlar materials can also be used. Carbon fibre is often required for products which are load bearing and Kevlar will offer increased resistance against abrasions and high impact environments.

Before selecting which type of reinforcement you will need, the requirements of the finished project must be considered.

How do I use Fibreglass?

The glass fibre material must be used in conjunction with a thermosetting resin such as Polyester or Epoxy, to achieve its strength.

Whilst Catalyst is added to Epoxy Resin at different ratios, Catalyst is generally added to Polyester Resin at approximately 2% (although this could still vary depending on the resin). This will give a working time of approximately 15-20 minutes at room temperature before the resin starts to cure (harden).

Once the resin has been thoroughly mixed with the catalyst, it can be applied to the glass fibre material using a brush and consolidated with a roller to remove any air pockets. It is important to ensure that the glass material is fully saturated / wetted out with the resin.

Note: Weather conditions must be taken into consideration when undertaking any fibreglass project. If using outside, the conditions must be mild and dry. Most resins will not cure adequately less than 12 degrees Celsius, 17°C being the optimum If the temperature is too high (30°C) the resin will cure too quickly.

After the curing process, the fibreglass piece is then usually sanded down and finished with a Topcoat or Gelcoat which will provide a waterproof barrier.

If you are working with fibreglass indoors ensure the area well ventilated.

For more information on working with Fibreglass materials visit our Downloads section which will provide you with detailed instructions on different types of fibreglass applications.

What are the Characteristics of Fibreglass?

Low Weight

Fibreglass is less dense in comparison to the same volume of steel or aluminium.

Corrosion and Chemical Resistant

Fibreglass is an inert material, which means it will not rot or corrode. It is also minimally reactive which works well as protection for surfaces dealing with harsh chemicals.


Fibreglass is fantastic to work with as it can be moulded to almost any shape. This unlimited design potential is one of the reasons why it is popular across so many industries.

Low Cost

Compared to traditional building materials such as steel or metal, Fibreglass materials are much cheaper to buy.   It is also extremely cost effective to make a mould from GRP in comparison to buying a steel one.


Once the final layers of Topcoat or Gelcoat have been applied the product will have a weatherproof barrier. Extra additives can be added if extra resistance against UV is required.


Fibreglass is one of the best materials on the market for it high strength to weight ratio. Its robustness in harsh conditions will ensure long life expectancies for fibreglass products.

Where to buy Fibreglass

FibreGlassDirect has over 40 years experience in the Fibreglass industry and we stock a complete range of Fibreglass Materials. We are one of the largest Fibreglass Suppliers in the UK and Ireland. Our experience has allowed us to source the best Fibreglass Products on the market. 

All of the materials outlined above are available from our Online Shop including; Glass Fibre Materials, Polyester Resin, Epoxy Resin, Acetone and Tools.

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